Vegan Pistachio Almond “Ice Cream”

(Originally posted on The Fitness Dish in June 2011)


Yesterday I got up extra early and pumped after Ella’s first AM feeding (she fell back asleep-lucky). I’ve been racking my brain on easy recipes/dishes/creations I wanted to make for the blog. It’s officially summer, and the hot weather usually makes me crave cold, smooth, creamy treats. Since I am definitely not doing dairy anymore…not even as “cheat meals” because of Ella’s skin issues –I knew I needed to AT LEAST get on the ball with some new vegan soft serve flavors.

I LOVE pistachio ice cream. It’s been forever since I’ve had it. From what I remember, it’s pretty damn good. I was looking around my kitchen at things I had here, nuts, avocado, bananas, etc…and a light went off in my head. Pistachio ice cream? It’s not complicated at all, but can I pull it off? I am not as amazing as some of my blog friends in the kitchen … so thinking of another spin off of the infamous blog world treat was pretty good for a scatter brained new mommy these days. You may not be impressed, but I was so excited all day to eat make this! I thought that it was either going to be really good…or a disaster.

Well…it was AMAZING…better than any pistachio ice cream I remember eating!


Vegan Pistachio Almond “Ice Cream”


2 frozen ripe Bananas, frozen in chunks

1/2  Avocado, peeled and scraped out, pre-frozen in chunks

1/8 tsp almond extract 

1/8 tsp vanilla bean paste (or vanilla extract–optional)

1 TBS Shelled Hemp Seeds (optional add extra nuts if not using)

2 generous handfuls of pistachios, divided

a few splashes (about 1 TBSP, less or more depending on thickness and blender) of unsweetened almond, coconut milk or hemp milk (homemade preferred)


Place in your Vitamix or Food Processor in this order-Avocado, Bananas, half of the pistachios and then the rest of the ingredients. If using your Vitamix put the agitator in the middle and stir it around as it blends. Make sure to watch the amount of almond milk you use so it doesn’t turn to a milkshake! Chop the remaining nuts, top it off and serve!


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