The Sacral Chakra: Abundance, Creativity, Sexuality

If you missed my first chakra post, be sure to start there first!

Svadhisthana (the sacral chakra) is associated with “life energy” and “creativity.” Key words for this chakra are vitality, sexual health/sensation and fulfillment, creation, grace, feelings, fluidity, pleasure, ease with change and emotional balance. Its associated color is orange, and its element is water.

Creating new things is what makes me tick. I thrive on it. I love creating sequencing when I teach a yoga class, blogging became a passion almost 9 years ago (where I get to create my own content), and I absolutely love being creative with food and home DIY projects (although I am not going to lie, I’m no where near being crafty or artistic … luckily my mom, mother-in-law, and sister are and can execute ideas). I am not the best writer in the world, but I truly enjoy the outlet. When I was a kid I remember writing a whole essay on bats from the Encylopedia at my grandmother’s house one summer, then typing it on an old school typewriter just because I wanted to write. I would also throw out all the Barbie clothes so I could make new ones with paper towels, markers and tape. Many times I would escape into a character from a show or my favorite movie and only answer to “Dorothy” or “She-Ra,” and sometimes I’d try to fool my neighbors into thinking I was my own long-lost cousin from England with a really bad accent.

Kids love using their imagination. I see that same creativity I had times 10 in my daughter. She is amazing. The stories her little mind comes up with, and tiny details when she plays in her dollhouse, or with her 137 stuffed dogs in her room is incredible. She is also very artistic on top of that. At 5 1/2 I can’t believe how well she draws. Especially dog pictures, it is always about the dog pictures. My son loves to create and rebuild, I’ll watch him play with his Legos and build a huge tower … then 5 minutes later toss it on the ground and break it apart, laugh, then start over again without skipping a beat.

Today we are going to chat about awakening your inner creativity, as well as being okay with your feelings.  I feel like opening your sacral chakra is also about communicating with your inner child.


As humans it is in our nature to create and we use our creativity physically and mentally. I know there has been MANY times that I had felt blocked off because of fear, not wanting to execute ideas or share things I have worked on. Putting ourselves out there makes us vulnerable, and it is also so personal … and when we have a project that fails or doesn’t do as well as expected it hurts. We feel discourages and want to give up. We lose patience or our egos are broken because someone along the way told us we weren’t good enough, or WE tell ourselves we aren’t good enough and fear what others may think. We grow up and we lose our childlike ways. The patience to create, destroy, re-create. Maybe at one point along the way someone told us to suppress or resist what we felt, told us we weren’t good enough, or that an idea we have is stupid and it damaged that innocence. Somewhere along the way, as a child, something shifted … and then we grow up.

As children we are super expressive, we create, we cry, we show our emotions and all parts of us until someone tells us not to. We are also very honest. Brutally honest at times. You may have heard “boys don’t cry” or “you shouldn’t be angry” or innocently told you had to hug or kiss a relative you didn’t feel like showing affection to. Often times we are told to suppress  your feelings because it wasn’t socially acceptable. My friend, Kristin always says: “feel your feelings!” Unfortunately many people work so hard to not feel, or show what they feel. In The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK, Mark Manson talks about his time living in Russia, and how they literally just say what is on their mind. The right to express, the right to speak and be heard. After living in a communist country for so long, it was like honest communication was all they had to hold on to. He said, the people he met there you always knew what you were getting.


Additionally, in today’s world we are faced with many challenges due to social media. In fact, research shows that more time spend on social media has been linked to depression. Now, not only are we suppressing our feelings and playing nice all of the time, we are constantly reminded how “perfect” and “happy” and “wonderful” everyone else’s lives are. When you login to Facebook and see everyone is farting rainbows and unicorn Bitmojis all the time, it may make one look at their own life and wonder why it isn’t so perfect, and why they aren’t as happy as everyone else. However, we are watching through a filter, and seeing nothing but the highlight reel, and that’s totally fine if the person watching can recognize that. I mean, when I post on Facebook it is usually a cute picture of my kids or my dog … I am not running on to post about the disagreement I just had with my husband, or something personal going on in my life because why would I? I use social media more to connect with friends, for my business, and to show off how adorable my children are.

The fact is, we need to be real in real life, we need to work through our emotions. We need to feel. And we may nee to spend less time on social media if it makes you feel sad or angry, and more time venting to friends and family about whatever you are going through. Spend less time scrolling your newsfeed and more time connecting with people you actually want to spend time with that can help you weed through the junk so you can get back to enjoying all the awesome shit in your life.

When our sacral chakra is imbalanced, or blocked, we may have a time with expressing ourselves clearly, or feel really emotional (overreactive) or like an emotional zombie (not feeling). We can be withdrawn, have a poor libido, feel a lack or creativity or authenticity, or even feel isolated. We also may “stuff” out feelings down with food, (focus on the navel), hence emotional eating. Many people who struggle with emotional eating may have a blocked sacral chakra.


Balancing The Second Chakra:

  • Meditation: Try my very short 5-Minute meditation to stimulate the sacral chakra.
  • Drink plenty of water: Chakra 2 is the “water” chakra, and I talked in my last post about how various types of foods have different vibrational qualities. Liquids are crucial for health, and so many people are not drinking enough. I love herbal teas, water, and fresh pressed juices to hydrate.
  • Orange foods: Some sources recommend adding in foods such as cinnamon, oranges, and melons. I am not sure if it will balance your energy flow, but the sacral chakra is associated with orange, and eating a variety of colorful foods is pretty good for you so why not?
  • Essential Oils: I love my EOs. Bergamot, orange, patchouli and ylang ylang are my favorites from the graphic above! (If you are new to essential oils and want to learn more, go here and read my PDF at the top of the page.)
  • Sit by the water: I find the ocean to be very healing of the spirit and also very peaceful. Not everyone does, but if you can dig it, try getting one R&R at the beach, a lake, or even a small peaceful creek. I always loved having a water fountain in my house, but haven’t been able to keep one since I’ve birthed children that like to get their fingers on everything.
  • Practice Yoga: Hip opening yoga postures will stimulate the sacral chakra. I personally love crescent lunge, frog, and supta baddha konasana.
  • Feel: Happiness isn’t necessarily a state free from pain and difficulty. Once we stop using up so much energy to suppress those feelings we are so afraid of, we will learn that it only takes a small amount of effort to actually feel them, and in turn we have all this energy and space to work shit out, embrace it, and be content.


Becoming back in touch with that inner child to me means to be honest with yourself and others, especially about your feelings. Kids aren’t afraid to speak the truth until someone stops them from doing so. I mean, sometimes kids can be rude so we teach them certain things aren’t acceptable because it can be hurtful, and I think that is a reasonable thing to do. But I don’t think kids should be forced to kiss a relative goodbye if they don’t want to, or told to not feel what it is they are going through (yes, boys can cry!). Same goes for us adults! Don’t be afraid to create through childlike eyes, but try not to get too caught up in your imagination that nothing happens, or too afraid to share with the world out of fear (I am totally guilty of this one!)

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