The Friday Five: Favorites Round-Up

Happy Friday!

I shared this quote on my instagram yesterday:

“You will never find time for anything. If you want the time, you must make it.” Charles Buxton

How true is this?

I hear this excuse ALL the time. I have used this excuse so many times.

In a world where we are SO connected to our phones (guilty over here!) we simple can’t use this excuse if we spend any amount of time on social media.

Not that there is anything wrong with social media.

I love the connections I have made, and it is a great way to get your name and business or whatever message you are trying to get across out there.

However, I have had people tell me they don’t have time for X, Y, or Z … then notice on my Facebook feed that they are the first to like, comment, or post on everything I see.

It’s about priorities.

I’m totally guilty of having not the best priorities and being unproductive due to distraction.

I’ve been making an effort to spend less time on Facebook, and more time writing (and let’s be honest, I have kind of replaced FB with Instagram, but I feel Insta is better for my mental health, and I scroll WAY less because no articles or YouTube videos to click lol!)

Anyway … this week I thought I would recap on a few of my favorite posts. It seems a lot of people missed some of these, and if there are new readers on here I thought this would be a good way to play catch up!

  1. Five Reasons to STOP Calorie Counting.

In this post I break down why calorie counting isn’t really the best method for long-term weight loss. It definitely works, I am with you if you are yelling at the screen right now at me … but in the MANY years I have been a personal trainer and nutritionist, a simple calories in-calories out diet doesn’t keep the weight off for many people. There’s some other interesting facts in there too!



2. Five Tips for Better Sleep

I’m a fantastic sleeper. Does that make me a sleep expert? Maybe! Just kidding … I am no expert but I DO have some really great tips that have helped so many of my clients and friends over the years. Much doesn’t change for us adults from when we were babies, routine is key! Read how you can get a better night sleep here!


3. Five Reasons to Avoid Soy


There is BIG money to be made in the soy industry. It is in EVERYTHING. I know a couple of people with soy allergies and it seems like it would be an absolute nightmare (and my son has a tree-nut allergy). Do you think soy is a health food? I used to. Here’s why I changed my mind, and why I try my best to avoid soy.


4. Five Tips to Help you Ditch Sugar Cravings


This is probably my favorite Friday Five post on this blog. I am giving away SO many secrets here that I only share with my Flowtox Members and private clients. Hopefully these tips that helped me SO much (sugar addict right here!), will help you as well.

5. Five Ways to Quit Night Snacking


In this post  I answered the question so many of our Flowtoxers ask us all the time! It is something I also struggled with, so I can speak first-hand what has personally helped me and my clients.




Have a great weekend!

If you want a good laugh, check out this JP Sear’s video about coconut oil right now! I posted this on my Facebook business page and couldn’t stop watching it!

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