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It’s my birthday week (4 days from today!) and I am lying in bed at 10:30pm after a pretty long (and HOT) day writing my post. I’m planning on getting up around 5:20am for yoga tomorrow morning so I’ll keep the intro short and sweet!


They are my preferred form of entertainment these days. I listen mostly while I walk the dog, in the car, and sometimes around the house (but it is hard to hear with all the noise around me).

Funny story, Willie always associates my ear buds with his walks. I can’t even take them out to detail them, or listen in the house with them without him going absolutely CRAZY on me. Before he gets his walk, i go in the bathroom to hide to get myself all situated with my ear buds, my podcast cued up, and my sneakers on.

I love a podcast where I learn something, get entertained, laugh, and feel like I am spending 20-30 minutes with a friend. Here are a few that I am particularly loving lately!

I’d LOVE to hear your picks in the comments since I’m always looking for new ones to listen to!


  1. The Paleo Solution Podcast.


I just adore Robb Wolf.

He is super down-to-earth, brilliant, and isn’t dogmatic at all in his approach to nutrition and wellness. I learn SO much from his books, podcasts, blog posts, etc. And I just love his voice,

Recently, I listened to episode 364 with Jason Seib, and it hit home on SO many levels for me. It actually reduced me to tears (which wasn;t their intention, it just really brought up a lot of stuff that I will blog about on a later date). I loved their message regarding children and self-worth, and how important it is as a parent (especially moms) to practice self love in front of their daughters.

Jason Seib wrote the book Body Beliefs, which is in my Amazon cart … I can’t wait to read it!

Find The Paleo Solution Podcast here.


2. Nutritious Movement



What can I say about Katy except that she is brilliant biomechanist that will change the way you think about movement.

I mean, I know I’ve said that on here a few times before … but it is worth saying again.

Dani Hemmat  is her co-host and I just love listening to these chicks geek out over biomechanics.

Their Podcast is very approachable, informative, and will bring a TON of value into your life. Give it a listen!


3. The Balanced Bites Podcast

The Balanced Bites Podcast was probably the first Podcast I listened to next to Tim Ferris’. I feel like I am hanging out with two of my BFFs when I listen to these girls. They are smart (their mindset and approach to nutrition is totally my speed, and I spend half the time nodding my head and agreement. Just like Robb Wolf (he was Diane’s mentor), they aren’t dogmatic, judgmental, etc, which I love. They educate you but keep you grounded and balanced. Plus, their camaraderie is super cute. My favorite episode was the one with Robb Wolf (I don’t even consider myself “paleo” I just love their approach to nutrition!).


4. How I Built This


How I Built This is an NPR podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world’s best known companies and brands.

I really enjoy these interviews! My all-time favorites were the owner of Clif Bar and hearing how his mom helped him with the recipe), Ali Webb of Drybar (LOVE Drybar and how the story about she met her husband!), and Mark Cuban’s interview.


5. Blissful Bites


Nicole Culver is an old-school blogger like me. She and I “met” like 8 years ago online, where we became friends who frequently interacted in our comments section on each other’s blogs.

She started a business selling her delicious baked goods and granola, and now she is a bad-ass boss lady helping other bloggers turn their blogs into a business.

Nicole was a school teacher who left her job to pursue this full-time, and it is absolutely inspiring.

I am so glad we reconnected (we have been Facebook friends all these years but I have been out of the loop with blogging these past 3 years). I’ve already learned so much from her, and am REALLY enjoying her Blogger Summer Camp (so much of it speaks to me .. in things I need to change to grow. It is about a mental shift, and I am half-way there lol).

Anyway, her Podcast is great, but what I really love about Nicole is her genuine passion to want to help people. It reminds me of myself … a lot.

She’s completely authentic, responsive, and genuine … and if you are a business owner or want to become one, you can learn a lot from her courses. There is great value in her Podcasts alone … so go check them out if you have any type of business! Her specialty is working with dietitians/nutritionists but her approach and courses will help anyone!


What do you look for in a Podcast? Share some of your favorites with me!


Have a great weekend!



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