The Friday Five 08/11/17

Hello! I’m sitting here after I got Jaxon down for a nap (we ran some errands, then played outside for about an hour with Willie … lots of fetch and lots of dump trucks in the dirt). I’m drinking a cup of throat coat tea and extra ginger since my glands have been feeling a little inflamed this week.

The summer chaos has made it tough to post here regularly, as I mentioned in my Instagram story yesterday … but I am loving being able to just document there and check in, and interact with you guys!

Jax has been sneaking up to the bathroom to get naked and go “poppy potty”. Which is great that he’s interested! The only thing is, poopy potty pretty much means sit on the toilet for 3 seconds, put toilet paper in the toilet, and flush it five times. We are getting there.

Not to get all heavy on you, but on a heavier note, I have to mention that today is the anniversary of when my father passed away. On August 11th, 1985 my mom was 6 months pregnant with my brother, I was four, and he was killed in a motorcycle crash at the young age of 22 years old. This is something I don’t think I ever really fully processed until I became a mother, since I was so little and barely got a chance to know him. It is something I never really talk about or mention … but as I get older I think about him often, especially on his birthday and this date. More and more it only makes me grateful that Ella and Jaxon have the most amazing daddy ever. Watching their relationship with him is extra special to me xx.

Now, onto the fun stuff!

  1. Primal Kitchen Chipotle Mayo



Okay, I have talked about their products before, and use the regular mayo religiously (the kids love it!), but FINALLY got around to getting the chipotle mayo. It is SO good! I made an aioli with it tonight for tacos, and plan to share the recipe on Monday … so go grab a jar! Amazon or Whole Foods has it (at least my WF does, and it is $3 cheaper there, you can ask yours to order it if you don’t want to go the Amazon route).

This makes great dipping sauce, or would be awesome in a salad dressing (I am going to play with that too). Even for tuna, or sardines, or salmon salad! Just mix it in!



2. Contagious by Jonah Berger



Contagious by Jonah Berger was my beach read for the summer. It is definitely MUCH harder to get time in to read a book lately …. but this one was really interesting and I recommend it if you are in any type of business, or do anything with social media for work.

Or if you are just are interested as to why things become popular, get shares on social media, or want to hear some insight on how things going viral!

The very beginning of the book talks about Barclay Prime, which is a Philly restaurant, so it had me hooked right away! (Golden Milk latte shown in the photo 😉 )

3. THESE Amazon $6.99 Sunglasses



I am obsessed with my pink mirrored oversize sunglasses that I got at The Windsor Store (which I don’t think are available anymore) … but they are summer and fall is in the air.

I know, not trying to rush the summer out since I love it, just trying to plan ahead! Since I am a sucker for Amazon deals, I had to jump on these when someone posted them in a private FB group I am part of.

Who else loves oversized sunglasses? I have been rocking the oversized look since like 2004, and have kind of a problem with it comes to collecting sunnys. Mike wanted to get me a really “nice” pair for my birthday, but then we realized how stupid that would be, and how much happier I am with a pair under $10! Get yours here!


4. My Workouts


Someone asked on Insta Story what I am doing for workouts these days …. she was a Fitness Dish reader, and liked when I posted about my workouts 🙂

My schedule is pretty much power yoga Wed-Thurs-Fri and sometimes Sunday. The on Tuesdays I do either a HIIT workout on my own, or I take a spin class where the instructor actually breaks up the cardio with strength intervals, which I love.

For HIIT, I’ve been picking 8 exercises, doing 8 reps and 8 sets of each for time. I go slow because form is EVERYTHING. Here’s an example of a exercises I love with the workout criteria above, I warm up with the jump rope:

  1. Box Jumps
  2. Walking Lunges (I do a bar rested on my shoulders)
  3. Jump Squats
  4. Bosu Platform Push-Ups (bosu upside down, keep it even)
  5. Mountain Climbers with gliders (oldie video!)
  6. Kettlebell Swings (I usually go light on the weight)
  7. Kettlebell Squats (I usually go heavier on the weight)
  8. Jackknife Push-Up (oldie video!)

5. Rosé of the Month!


Guys … Sofia Rosè by Francis Coppola is AMAAAAAAAZING.

I can’t believe rosè season is almost over.

This is my go-to lately! Cheaper than Whispering Angel, and I like it more. It is my Thursday and Saturday night glass of fun!


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!









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  • Reply Wendy

    I didn’t know about your father. I’m so sorry. As a 4-year-old that must have been hard to understand. Your mom did an amazing job with you kids.

    Shoutout on the HIIT mention! Where’s number 9? I’ve been thinking about getting back into a workout schedule other than only running.

    Those sunglasses – were they easy to adjust to your ears? I want to order a pair, but wondering about it not fitting. Although at $6.99, it’s no biggie.

    August 11, 2017 at 2:48 pm
    • Reply

      Thank you, Wendy. My mom did do an amazing job!

      Oh no! I didn’t notice that. When I hit enter it must have made a 9. In the paragraph above it explains the workout which is 8 exercises … thanks for the heads up lol!

      I haven’t had issues adjusting any sunglasses to my ears! And I always buy super cheap ones! Love them 🙂

      August 12, 2017 at 7:45 am

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