The Friday Five 06/02/17

Who else feels like the weeks are just FLYING by?

My daughter has less than two weeks of Kindergarten left, and I just feel like this year went at lightening speed.

Me and my husband keep saying how we want time to just slow down already.

It isn’t fair!

Summer is here, so that’s a plus … I am just going to try my best to be present and enjoy it all before I blink and Ella is 16.

Anyway … we don’t have too much going on this weekend, I am off to yoga this morning, and teach two classes Saturday. After that I am excited to chill and enjoy some rosé in the yard while the kids and dog run around.  How about you?


Enjoy my Friday Five picks this week!


  1. Cocoghee!

Can I just tell you that you have to head over to Grass-Fed Gourmet’s site RIGHT NOW and get some jars of cocoghee. I am pretty much addicted to their products.

Grass Fed Gourmet’s CocoGhee is the only gourmet spread that is made from raw, organic coconut oil and grass-fed clarified butter so you know exactly what you’re eating. CocoGhee is shelf-stable for three months and refrigerated for 12 months. Some of the products are sweetened with only a little organic honey, and they are all certified gluten free.

The benefits of ghee are out of this world. I spoke about it here a few weeks ago (check out all the benefits!) … and love to cook with it and add it to smoothies or even coffee sometimes!

I found Grass-Fed gourmet on Instagram, and they were kind enough to send me two jars to review for my blog. I chose the Vanilla Cardamom and the Plain and Simple.

The “plain and simple” ingredients are:

  • organic grass-fed ghee
  • organic coconut oil
  • real salt”

– I LOVE. Simplicity.

The “vanilla cardamom” has:

  • organic grass-fed ghee
  • raw organic coconut oil
  • local bee haven honey
  • vanilla beans & extract
  • cardamom
  • real salt

-again, simple, as well as local and responsible. Love it!

Here are ways I love using ghee:

  • in my coffee (whip up with an immersion blender)
  • in my smoothie! I love it in this coffee smoothie, or I take the coffee out of that recipe, and add a lot of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of the vanilla cardamon cocoghee
  • plain and simple on top of a roasted chicken
  • plain and simple to sauté spinach or other veggies!
  • with a spoon!

What are some ways you love to cook with ghee? I love that it is resistant to high heat, high in CLA, and really beneficial for gut health!

There are SO MANY flavors to choose from. I am so excited to explore more and post some recipes here soon.

Use code: JUSTASK at checkout to save 10% off your first order!


2. Yoga Blocks

I love props! When I first began practicing yoga, my ego told me that I didn’t need blocks. As a teacher, I have had students ask me if using a block is a crutch, and if they should try to not use them. No, the answer is NO! I use more blocks and props now than ever! I am obsessed with my 4-inch cork yoga blocks that I got on Amazon, hugger mugger makes a nice one as well. The only downfall with cork is that they are really heavy … my prop guru friend, KFred loved her 4-Inch foam blocks from Sunshine Yoga.

Benefits of using 4-Inch yoga blocks:

  • better form
  • enhanced stability and strength
  • more self-awareness/body awareness
  • sharper concentration/less distraction
  • more freedom in poses
  • build more strength in your practice

Check out this post by Kristin on one of my FAVORITE way to use blocks (next to heart bench) on her blog!


3. Free Prints App for iPhone Photos



Confession. I am TERRIBLE with organizing photos. Terrible. I go over my mom’s and see all of the albums and boxes of photos she has for me, and I have NOTHING for my kids. Well, Ella I have a little but Jaxon, forget it.

I recently discovered this app  that I perfect for someone like me. Just download a bunch of photos from your cell/Facebook/ ect., and get a FREE book each month! Just pay shipping costs. I just recently got this and think it will keep me in check. I see other moms that have all of these amazing scrapbooks and albums, and I just kept putting it off and getting more overwhelmed and behind in doing so (6 years later, ummmmm).

Do you use this app? How do you like it?

4.  Favorite Cover Songs for Yoga

When I first started teaching yoga I had this old school iPod (you have to hear the story about me talking to my 6-year-old about iPods like it was from the dinosaur era), and it had barely any space so I was limited to this one playlist. My phone also had no space so Spotify was out of the question. When I finally figured out how to use Spotify, I first downloaded it onto my iPad, and have since gotten a phone with more memory and use it obsessively. I make a new playlist probably once a week, or at least a few times per month. My favorite thing is finding fun cover songs to play in class … it was hard to pick just a few that fit onto a screen shot!

Here are some that I have been playing a lot lately … there are a couple I can’t play in class, lol, but love for my own personal practice (or just walking the dog). Can you guess which ones?


5. FREE Facebook Essential Oils Group

I have mentioned this group in passing before, but thought I would invite you all today!

On Facebook we have a group dedicated to healthy home swaps and education in essential oils.

We have over 200 members, and everyone who is in there wants to be in there, and loves the information shared by all! We post cleaning recipes, how to make easy swaps in the home to breathe easier (if you didn’t read my story about my kid’s allergies … it is here!), and how to use essential oils safely and effectively, especially if you have kids!

There was a viral video going around about putting peppermint oil on a tick if it gets embedded in your arm. This HORRIFIED me, and I saw SO many people sharing it! Don’t do it! It can increase your chances of lyme’s disease because it causes the tick to release its toxins. Luckily we were able to spread the word in our group, and our members spread the word and hopefully helped some people to not harm their pets, children, or themselves by following this advice. I can totally understand wanting to believe it … I found a tick on my dog and my first instinct was “can I use oils?” but luckily we have a GREAT group of educated members who are out for safety … not just trying to sell something.

I also see people selling oils on my newsfeed giving really scary advice out, like 50-50 dilution of “hot” oils on their young children’s feet … another no no.

Pinterest is also notorious for questionable advice. This is one of the reasons I setup this group, so we can all help each other. You can be a current EO user or just be someone interested in learning more!

I joined a FB group for EOs about 2 years before even buying or using them, just to learn!



Have a great weekend! Let me know what you’re up to, I love connecting with you all 🙂

Talk Soon!



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