The Friday Five 04/28/17

Happy Friday!

I am SUPER stoked to teach the 90’s Grunge Power Yoga class tonight at Sol! I’ve been working on my playlist for so freaking long, tweaking it and obsessing over it. Honestly I want to just play every Nirvana and Pearl Jam song ever, but the class is only 75 minutes so I had to pick and choose which songs would be good with the flow! There are still a few spots left, so if you are in the Conshohocken area, sign up HERE! I will post my spotify playlist on the blog soon 🙂 If you are on spotify, follow me (I am on there as Laury Ann through facebook).


Onto the Friday Five! I hope you all are still enjoying this feature. I am playing around with different things. I think for now, every other weeks I will feature things I love with products, and the opposite weeks to 5 tips that will be helpful, like the 5 tips to ditch sugar cravings!

1. I know I am late to the game, but, Stainless Steel Straws!!!!!!!

My mom introduced me to these. I had an eco-friendly glass straw years ago, but this is a game changer. Mom and sis bought these to keep margaritas cold as you sipped them (genius), and I just recently picked them up for my smoothies! Love! You can get them anywhere (Target, Bed Bath, etc). I of course got mine on Amazon Prime as I feed my online shopping addiction for things under $10! No more drinking out of plastic … bye bye, endocrine disruptors!


2. Sheet Face Masks

If you have been following along you should know I am HUGE into making my own DIY beauty masks and serums and body butters and so on. Sometimes I get lazy, and sometimes I am a sucker. My sister-in-law gifted us sheet masks for the wedding, I tried it, and loved. I still prefer my collagen mask, but these are great and were on sale at Whole Foods this week (I am also a sucker for sales)!

When you wear this mask it i alike channeling your inner Christian Bale from American Psycho. That was a fair warning. Dr. Jart’s masks are also good, I like how they hook behind the ears.


I love this  Andalou brand of face cream (I have yet to work out a DIY day cream that does well under my makeup, I swap between this brand and Young Living’s brand).

When you wear this mask, keep it on your face until your pores suck up all the moisture and the sheet is dry, my skin loves it!


3. RX Bars! The best bars on the market in my opinion. Simple, clean ingredients, and they taste amazing.

Unfortunately, my son has a tree-nut allergy, so I have avoided bars (because most have nuts) for a while. I discovered these BEFORE he was diagnosed, and just started recently eating the peanut ones when I am at the studio (not around Jaxon) in emergency situations (and sometimes non-emergencies, let’s be real).

Jaxon is allergic to tree nuts, but not peanuts. However, I still won’t feed him peanuts and I am still a nut about brushing my teeth and washing my hand thoroughly when I am finished this before I am around him because I worry about cross-contamination. I actually reached out to RX bar about their equipment in regards to cross-contamination (so I could know if I am putting Jax at high risk my eating these) and this is what they told me:

Our production line goes through a strict allergen wash to avoid any contamination between peanuts and tree nuts. Because all of the bars are manufactured in a facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts, we recommend that people with very serious allergies consult a doctor before consuming

When I went to NYC and was in a different state form my baby I tried some other flavors and I gotta say the MINT is AMAZING! Be mindful though, I noticed some of them contain “natural flavors” and I want to ask the company the source of those natural flavors are, since it can unhealthy. In a pinch now and then there are way worse things (many bars are LOADED with sugars and a ton of shady ingredients)!

Side note: I actually always avoided peanuts because the aflatoxin thing creeps me out (and we have peanuts on the avoid list for Flowtox), but cashews can kill my boy so for emergencies in moderation, I now go with this (when I am not around Jax) until I can master how to make sun butter bars!

I seriously suck at making bars, not sure what is with me!

What’s your favorite paleo bar?




4. Dr. Bronner’s Baby Castile Soap. Clean ALL the things!

I mentioned this in my last DIY beauty post, and you need a bottle ASAP. It is the best! I mix my essential oils (I have mentioned before I love/use/educate on Young Living), and make foaming had soaps, cleaners, dog shampoo, makeup brush cleaner, body wash and more! The hand soap was a game changer.

The foaming hand soap is 3 TBPS of Dr. Bronner’s in a foaming soap dispenser, (you can re-use one or find one on Amazon. I actually got a glass dispenser at TJ Maxx), add 15 drops of your favorite essential oil (I usually go with purification or thieves), then fill the rest with water! It saves us SO much money at Target since my husband is OCD about washing his hands and I am always refilling.


5. Binge-Worthy TV!

Okay I can’t remember the last time I had time to binge watch a show. Since This Is Us ended, I haven’t even watched TV! So many people are buzzing about Big Little Lies, and I felt like I needed a mental break to just veg-out so I gave it a shot last weekend. Omg. I kind of wish I had read the book because I am sure it is amazing since the show was really good! Have you watched it yes? If not, grab some rosé Saturday night and do it!


Have a wonderful weekend!

I would LOVE to hear some topics or things you would like for me to review or talk about on The Friday Five!

Until next time.



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