Summer Smoothie Bowl

Happy Sunday!

Willie has been getting me up super early in the morning … since he stopped sleeping in his crate, all I have to do is stretch my leg a centimeter past 5am and he is on top of me to take him out and start my day.

If I try to go back to bed, he won’t have it. I am telling you it is harder than having a newborn … at least the baby will lay down and snuggle when you want to rest. Instead, I get 80 pounds of pawing and biting and barking if I don’t act fast. Willie is ALL play, all the time. I was just getting used to being one of those people who needs a good 10-15 minutes to mentally prepare myself to get up again, now that the kids are older … and that is not happening anymore 🙂

Luckily, this morning after I took him out he was content with my just chilling out next to him.

How we begin our day is so important, and really sets a tone … so I’m doing my BEST to train Willie to make this experience a little more calm. He is just still a baby, but a VERY big baby at that 🙂

Lately I have felt like my brain is just having a hard time quieting down. Even in my yoga practice, and meditation, forget it.

All 80 pounds of him will bite my legs and paw my face if I don’t  jump out of bed immediately upon him waking up.  And I am wondering if all the self-inflicted stress has to do with my day starting out less then relaxed. I mean, it’s not Willie’s fault. He’s a puppy, he needs to go out and he needs lots of exercise. It is what we signed up for. I just have to learn how to navigate it because it is the only thing that has really changed since I’ve been feeling this way.


I’ve decided that I am going to try to start a daily journaling practice. I also picked up Untethered Soul again and am reading it for a third time. It is truly a perspective/life-changing book, and something you want to own and read again and again because it is SO easy to fall back into the pattern of allowing the mind to take over and cause suffering, when you are just a spectator of those thoughts.

After sipping on some warm apple cider vinegar tea (just Bragg’s ACV in a mug of hot water. I do like 3 TBSP but you can start with as much as 1/2 a TSBP) and reading several pages, I made myself some coffee, and a smoothie bowl and sat outside to play fetch with Willie.

I don’t eat smoothie bowls often. Honestly they usually look like sugar-bombs to me. When I do make them, I make sure they are LOADED with protein + fat.

Toppings: I use seeds, cacao, and goji berries … and let me tell you, the bulk bin at Whole Foods is my best friend. Instead of buying a whole bag of any, I just buy a little bit at a time … all of these toppings for about a week cost less than $4.00.

This one keeps me satisfied, and full longer … and it only has a small serving of fruit!

Summer Smoothie Bowl Recipe


top with any of these or all:

  • goji berries
  • raw cacao
  • pepitas
  • chia seeds
  • hemp seeds

Place all ingredients except topping in a high speed blender. If you have trouble getting the liquid going, add a splash more of milk. You can always add half the milk first, then the rest as you blend too. The more liquid, the more runny … so play with what thickness you like, and how you need to get there!

There’s something about actually eating with a spoon, chewing, that is more satisfying than just drinking your smoothie.

What do you like in your smoothie bowl?

What journals do you love for daily practice? I am looking into the 5-Minute Journal.


Enjoy the rest of your day!




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