Solar Eclipse: Intentions & New Beginnings

Today marks the biggest cosmic event in North America, and of my lifetime (I am sure many of yours as well).

I am greatly unprepared (no glasses here), as usual, so I’ll be watching safely on my laptop to protect my retina.

Scientifically, the eclipse fascinates me. I mean, how freaking cool is what we are about to experience?

On the other hand, spiritually there are many cultures that use this time to meditate, pray, and teach looking away from the eclipse, so as not to intrude upon this intimate union of sun and moon.

I can truly respect these indigenous traditions of averting the eye away from the physical phenomenon, reflect on the spiritual representation, and the honor and reverence of the nature and planet we live in.

August 21st has a very special meaning to my husband and I.

On this day, 7 years ago, I went into my bathroom to take probably the 15th (roughly maybe more) pregnancy text since we started trying to have a baby a year prior, to find out that we had created life.

Little did we know just how extraordinary that life was, and how much she would impact ours.

On that day, there was a new chapter, a new beginning.

Our lives have never been the same. I honestly can barely remember what it was like before my daughter was born!

It was SO worth the wait.

I truly believe we were waiting for OUR girl to be ready for us (or the other way around), and for this big world to be ready for her.

Today is also my little Munchkin cat’s birthday, he’s 9!


Solar eclipses signify new beginnings, and the Astro Twins noted that eclipses can usher in the unexpected, which can force you into action whether you’re ready or not. It’s not a bad idea to consider a new moon/solar eclipse ritual to set your intentions.


Today’s solar eclipse and the new moon is a great time for welcoming new beginnings.

To set intentions.

To get rid of bad habits and start fresh.

To get creative.

The eclipse is a scientific event, yet it is up to us to figure out what it means spiritually in our own lives.

Meditate, clear your head today, slow down … and most importantly … UNPLUG for a little and tune into your personal experience!



If you like “just for fun” astrology stuff, this article shares what the eclipse means for YOUR sun sign! Check it out!

I’m a Leo, it’s time for a clean slate, also time to get uncomfortable it seems … let me know what it said for YOU!



Did you buy certified eclipse glasses? I read to make sure you still don’t look at it for more than 3 minutes with the glasses.

I am kind of upset I didn’t plan. Weezy will get to experience it at camp today, and we had to talk to her about the safety aspect.


She also loved hearing our story about how we found out she was coming into our lives on this very day <3








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