Second Pregnancy: Weeks 34 & 36

Week 34:


and 36:

As I type this I just reached my 37th week in my pregnancy! “Full-term.” While I am still convinced this boy is going to be here late like his sister, I am trying my best to get all of my work done so I can enjoy the last couple of weeks with my little Weezy as an only child. We have a really big FlowTox coming up September 15th and I can’t be an active part of it like I have each and every other time. I am doing everything to set up the new materials and newsletters and the other exciting new things we are offering (LOTS of writing time on my computer lately) to make sure everyone is ready to go! Ang will be leading it and we have some awesome moderators on board to help with the forum. That has been my priority lately and we are just about done….then I can breath and just wait for baby Smile

I am still feeling pretty good. Daily exercise and healthy eating are KEY!!!! I;m not craving anything crappy, and my appetite is light but making sure I get PLENTY of healthy fats and protein each day. I am determined to get on my yoga mat several times per week and I am taking 3-4 Barre classes a week as well. Barre has been SUCH an awesome pregnancy workout since I really don’t have to modify much. AND it’s still killer!

Baby is moving down…I am feeling more crampy lately and just this morning I felt less pressure up top and more down low. He’s getting ready!

I’m looking into belly binding for after the birth and am conflicted. First off, I have NO idea which one to choose. There are so many, so many reviews, and so many forums with different opinions. I am leaning towards the Squeem or the Bellefit. Both an investment, but the Bellefit is much more. I have reservations because first off I have no idea how to size. bellefit has a great set up where they ask you several questions and give you the size recommendations. But I don’t know about the full body piece with the underwear, it looks uncomfortable. Reviews on forums said it offered more coverage that the squeem though, especially for a long torso. Squeem does not offer advice for sizing, and I have read many forums saying they run small (I emailed them with details about by sizing and my stats but never heard back)…however, if it is too big or I go down, will it still be effective? You can’t return once opened even if not used. I also am considering a wide ace bandage for right after the birth since it will be more comfortable and will probably fit better since I can make it fit to my body. I also was looking into medical-grade binds but just have no idea what to do. I have also read many binds marketed to moms after birth are over priced

Why binding?

  • Back/posture support: After Ella was born my core was so weak and I remember my back KILLING me all of the time. I bought a cheap wrap from babie’s r us that helped a little but looking into something more substantial for this time.
  • Prevent Ab separation: Diastasis is a concern of mine, and I read many moms who workout a lot experience it more than those that do not, strangely. I have been still working my core pretty hard, and binding will help prevent my abs from separating.
  • Comfort: Let’s be honest, after birth you don’t feel the best about your body. I just remember even with the cheapy feeling more comfortable being “sucked in””.
  • Womb support: After birth your uterus starts to contract back to size. Breastfeeding helps tremendously but binding is supposed to help as well. Not sure how effective it is, but worth a try!
  • Water retention: I haven’t had much issue with this, however after Ella was born I remember being SUPER swollen. Hopefully this will help!

Belly binding is something that has been practiced by women around the globe after birth for hundreds of years Ancient Indian rituals dictated that belly binding would warm and close the “open” stomach and birth canal. Women who practiced this also believed that it would accelerate the body’s process of getting rid of waste blood after the baby is born. It’s still common today for Indian women, as well as women around the globe, to practice the Eastern tradition of belly binding in order to promote healthy posture during breast feeding, gently push the stomach muscles back together, reposition the womb, and reduce

stretch marks.


Have you had any experience with this? What do you recommend? How did you figure out a size!??? I would like to order something this week so any help would be appreciated!!!!

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