Second Pregnancy 32 Weeks

My Second Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

I am starting to feel large and in charge!

My acid reflux has gotten a bit better. Still not perfect but whatever I am doing is helping. Or maybe it’s just going away on its own? This was my last week of PIT classes. I was hoping to last until 36 weeks but it just doesn’t feel right anymore, and noticed all of the up and down with burpees, walk-outs, etc were affecting the reflux and heartburn more. Not to mention I just started feeling like I couldn’t keep up as much, and wasn’t getting out of it what I was a few weeks ago. There were lots of things I had to skip completely too (like heavy tire flips just feel so wrong anymore, but I will miss those sledge hammer swings!). So right now for my workouts I am sticking with power yoga 3-4 times a week, some hill walking when it’s not unbearably humid out,  and my new love-hate twice a week….BARRE!


Um. Holy Hell.

A studio opened close to home last month and I tried out a class for free. I am used to more power, dynamic, functional movements, and not all these little tiny hold your arms up for 15 minutes and want to crawl out of your skin and feel like a weakling because 1 pound weights are too much moves. It’s the girliest thing ever…but IT’S SO HARD! I love it during pregnancy because it is very low impact, and my belly really doesn’t get in the way. I feel it will help me to continue to get stronger, and keep my core strong, without having to modify too much. I get really sore from it, love that it’s different, the instructors are really great, and I feel confident I can continue to do this comfortably until the end of my pregnancy! And they have classes that work with my schedule for once! Win!

My family and I went to the shore for a Wed-Sunday type deal. Our official summer vacation before the new baby arrives (although we will sneak in another weekend trip soon!)

Mike’s family was down and my mom came down for the weekend. We could not have asked for more perfect weather. I did yoga on the beach, we took a long walk on the boardwalk, got some early morning workouts in at the hotel gym, ate great food, took Weez to Ocean City for pizza and rides (the ride art didn’t go over too well though). She had such a great time hanging with her cousin.

And of course…there were handstands….

The yoga on the beach class was relaxing (photos above were not from it…I wore more clothes than that!), but also challenging as far as being worried about alignment the whole time. I was making more holes in the sand around me, and it was a bit distracting. Handstands on the beach were almost impossible, but once I flowed through a few crescent lunges I was able to get up long enough for a pic I may never get to take again. 8 months pregnant, on the beach, doing handstands. Fun times.


My little cutie was in her glory, a total beach babe! Loved playing in the sand, running through the little waves, and collecting sea shells!

Other baby news: We started the nursery! It’s painted, the crib is put together, and I started decorating a little. There’s still a bunch to do, but at least that room is no longer a dump-site for all the things we didn’t know what to do with when we moved in! Progress! I have a total visual of what I want to do. The space is small, but great. I will share some photos when we are through!

Talk soon! Have a great day!


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