Second Pregnancy 30 Weeks

10 (or 12) more to go!

Handstands all day, every day.

My Second Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

I am DEFINITELY starting to slow down a bit. The humid days don’t help but I really can’t complain. I have overall felt so much stronger during this pregnancy than my last.

We got the results to my gestational diabetes test. My doctor said my number was around 70-75 (I can’t remember which) but you need to be under 130 and I was well under. Good stuff. Very relieved.

Since I have felt so awesome, I have struggled these past couple of weeks mentally with the slow down. Much more modifying is needed when I practice yoga (my body just physically isn’t going certain places and my alignment feels really off at times), and  PIT classes have become much more difficult. Again, I CAN NOT complain at all but just expressing the reality that is I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Last weekend the studio I teach at celebrated the summer Solstice (highlights below) with 108 Sun Salutations. I practiced for 75 minutes in class that morning like I regularly do (and did last year before the Solstice), then that evening practiced the Sun A’s with the studio. Each instructor rotated teaching, and I ended up teaching twice (and skipping a bunch of chaturangas while I practiced) but regardless it was still pretty tough on my body. Many people, including myself, said that they didn’t remember it being as tough last year! The practice is more meditative, and that’s what I remembered from last year. It’s just a LOT of push-ups, and practicing on the grass like that also took it’s toll on my wrists and shoulders. Anyway, how exhausted, dehydrated and worn out I felt the 3 days following was a major reality check for me that I just can’t do what I have been doing anymore (even though that was an extreme day). Sometimes I forget how far along I am.

Other pregnancy news: Braxton Hicks contractions have started. They get really noticeable when I go for long walks in the neighborhood. My prenatal appointments are now every other week (which is crazy to me that I am at this point). Weight gain is coming on rapidly, just like it did at the end with Ella (baby is growing fast and so am I!). I am ALWAYS thirsty and just can not with the dry throat. I constantly feel dehydrated even though I drink so much water, coconut water and electrolyte water. This wasn’t an issue my last pregnancy. And the heartburn and acid reflux has gotten BAD. One night I was up vomiting and could not lye in my bed, only sit up in my bathroom until 5am when it subsided (and I had to go teach a class early that morning…luckily I was ok and the class was not a disaster!)

I learned that I have do do 3 things:

1. Avoid eating heavy/normal sized meals at night (I just eat a lot during the day, frequently and eat a small dinner early). This is REALLY hard when I am hungry and doesn’t always happen.

2. Drink peppermint tea religiously. And right before bed. The downfall of that is I am up peeing at 3am again and it really disrupts my sleep.

3.Sleep with pillows propped up. I have had to learn to fall asleep this way. Not easy and not always comfortable but it works! I eventually end up on my side lower down, but anything to help my slowed digestion out to prevent the episode I had a few weeks ago.

Overall, not bad stuff, all very minor. I can deal with ALL of it. I am still enjoying my pregnancy and am happy with this little boy cooking a while longer to grow healthy and strong!

Okay, back to the Summer Solstice highlights….

What’s the significance of the 108 Sun Salutes (Surya Namaskar A)? 108 has long been a sacred number in Hinduism. Traditional mala beads come in strings of 108, and the number is even connected to the sun, moon and earth. This number has a lot of significance, and there is a lot of information surrounding it that you can find! One simple explanation is:

1 – We are all one and part of the same existence
0 – Emptiness. We are all nothing.
8 – We are everything, infinite

Here are some photos from the night:

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