Second Pregnancy 28 Weeks

Hello, third trimester!


Second Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

Belly: POPPED! Big time! Remember, it shrinks when I go upside down, so right side up it’s even bigger than this. I love it.

I can also notice much more modifying needed when I get on my mat. Forward folds are not very comfortable unless I take my feet really wide. I am not really practicing crow, and I haven’t been doing deep twisting (or lying on my belly) for a long long time. I am just listening to my body. I crave the hip stuff so much. In fact, crave my mat so much. Weez was home sick from school Friday and Sunday I taught a 2 hour workshop so I feel completely off missing 2 days of my normal practice. Can not WAIT to get back on my mat tomorrow. Baby needs it Smile


You can tell my handstands are getting more “banana” too from my belly pulling me.

I took the glucose test today. You can read my thoughts on it, and how I avoided that awful toxic drink here. Ladies, you DO have a choice!!!

I did feel a little nauseated, and had sugar crash by the time I got home from fasting, then having all that sugar, but nothing like I felt when I was pregnant with Ella and took that awful drink. I immediately came home and downed the quickest protein I could find (hardboiled eggs and full-fat plan Greek yogurt) and it helped. Still feel a little wiped. But, I felt this way yesterday too during my workout. I am hoping it’s the humidity and rain and not me pooping out already. Anyway, fingers crossed the blood work comes back fine. It all worked out with the timing. I got there pretty early and try tried to take me back, but I told them that regardless of what the script said my doctor wanted it timed, so she told me to knock when I was ready, I did, and they didn’t ask too many questions (but the tech did seem a little confused and did ask me “why” when I wouldn’t come back at first. I just stayed stern and told her I was following doctor’s orders).

Now that I am 12 weeks away, I am realizing that we REALLY need to get some things happening. Like the baby’s room needs paint, the crib needs to be put together, and since my sister in law lent me just about everything last time, and she just had a baby 3 months ago, I need to get a new co-sleeper, carrier, and things like that. Leaning towards the BOB for a double stroller (what do you guys think?)

I also need to get a simple birth plan together, decide what is most important to me, and go over it all with Michael (oh and convincing him that a doula would be a good investment). We still have time. I am not panicked. But these are all things that I haven’t even thought about. The biggest is who is going to watch

the baby once I go back to work! I plan to go back quickly. In my line of work I am not getting paid maternity leave, and don’t want to keep clients waiting for 3 months for many reasons. We were so fortunate last time to have family help several hours a week. Luckily Ella’s daycare takes babies at 6 weeks. And we have other family that can help a little.  It’s just figuring out how we are going to pull it all off financially. I trust it will all work out. Just scary, but exciting at the same time.

I would love some feeback for other moms. As I do all of this reading I am seeing different pros and cons of internal exams. What are your thoughts on this? Did you ask to avoid them at both the end appointments and during labor? I know with Ella I was 2-3cm dilated for a couple of weeks (I need to check back on that but I remember being dilated a little bit for a looong time) and knowing that made me crazy. Even though the doc told me it could mean nothing, or mean be ready. Pros being these exams could get things “going”.

Talk soon!


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