Second Pregnancy 20 Weeks

I am starting to pop a little! I know it still looks tiny upside down, naturally, everything shrinks that way. Ironically, I do feel a little smaller than I did at this point with Ella. I did not feel that way several weeks ago. I totally anticipated popping super quick with my second pregnancy, at 6 weeks I felt like I looked 10 weeks. I think I was just really bloated early on. My digestive system was going a little crazy but things seemed to have evened out. Did you feel like you carries smaller with a boy vs. a girl if you have both? Not sure that has to do with it, but I am taking it!

How am I feeling?

Amazing. Super strong. Workouts are great. I am not tired. I have more energy now than when I am not pregnant! I feel like I can’t sit still. Over the weekend I cleared out the spare bedroom, which was a disaster. It was the room we kind of placed all the boxes we didn’t want to deal with from our move. I also went through Weezy’s disastrous bedroom and closet and got her all organized. It felt really good. I have another really big exciting business project I am working on, which requires lots of computer time, and I can’t stand to sit there. he project is motivating and most of the foundations are there, I still have to plop my butt down. That makes me feel tired and tight, when I keep moving, I feel fabulous! Embracing this while it lasts, because I KNOW it won’t. Getting the most out of it now, as I grow in the up and coming weeks, I am sure to slow down. I do attribute this strength to the baby, I can tell he’s going to be super strong like his daddy! He’s giving me so much strength and stamina at this point. Happy about it, especially after everything we went through in the beginning. I thought this was going to be a super rough pregnancy. I know I am only half way there, but am hopeful for everything to be healthy the rest of the way out.


Appetite is still pretty healthy and I am craving lots of fresh foods. The taco truck opened at Whole Foods for the season, and I swear it is better than I even remember! I could eat them every single day! I have green smoothies back in my life in the morning, and we finally got our grill so we will be cooking on there a lot. I made an amazing marinade for chicken the other night, and Mike grilled and prepared our veggies. He made our Brussels sprouts even BETTER than I discussed in my last post, if that’s even possible. I felt lame sharing 2 Brussels sprouts recipes in a week, but maybe I will soon. Completely different method than roasting, and not on the grill. I think it’s my new favorite.

(pregnancy food obsession: taco salad with ancho chicken, queso fresco, Mexican slaw, romaine, Spanish onion and pico de gallo..they never add dressing and it doesn’t need it! Amazing!)

Projects While I have Super Energy:

We are working on the baby room. I need to go pick out some paint colors. We are going to go with a green I think. I need to put the crib back together. Man that was a blast.


We bought a composter over the weekend. Next up, putting in the raised beds in our backyard and the herb garden on the side of the house. I will be sure to share details about that when it’s finished! Beyond excited to grow some food!!!! PLEASE give me some tips if you have a vegetable or herb garden! I have a little help from my cousin who does this for a living, but always get great advice from you guys!


Have a great day!


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