Second Pregnancy 18 Weeks

Belly is growing and I am loving it! We did a right-side up shot for once so you can see.

My Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

I’m feeling pretty good. Energy is up still, workouts are good. Sometimes I feel I may slow down a bit but from what I read and recall from my last pregnancy, it is much better than then so I am grateful for that.

Appetite is healthy. Very healthy. As in, I am always hungry. Especially when I know I am leaving to teach/train at 4;30 and not getting home until after 7:30, despite snacking before I go out. Luckily I am still craving more “real” fresh home cooked foods, and not any “crap.” That doesn’t mean I am not splurging a little on the weekends, you don’t need to twist my arm too much if you put something delicious and sweet in front of me. I am being very moderate about it, not a sugar fiend, which I am happy about. The latter always makes me sick when I go overboard.

Baby movement is crazy. This little one is always dancing in my belly. Especially at the end of a yoga class, or when I am teaching. It’s pretty neat. I taught a 2 hour Detox Flow class today and there was a lot of activity going on in my belly! It makes me smile. With Weez I feel like I only really felt movement when I was relaxing and resting, especially in bed at night. This time, it is ALL of the time!

It’s been a good week. Nothing too crazy. Just one little scare at the end of my 17th week, I had some cramping (which I deemed as just normal growing pains), and like literally (****TMI HERE***>) a small amount of brown/mucous blood on my tp. When my doctor called back, I expected just some reassurance, but they wanted me to, yet again, go over the the hospital and get checked out in the maternity triage. I wasn’t too concerned since I felt the baby moving a ton, but would be lying if I said it didn’t freak me out a bit when she told me I had to cancel what I was doing and go immediately. Luckily all was fine, they told me at the hospital after being examined and getting an ultrasound that it just happens sometimes, but will ALWAYS have you come in to get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry.

I am trying to make sure I get a green juice every morning on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before I eat. If not home made, I buy the Evolution Fresh pressed green juice with lime or lemon. The lime has no fruit, and the lemon is just green apple, and 1 serving is still low in sugar (there are 2 servings in a bottle, which makes for a great $$ saving tip too! If they’re $4.59 a bottle, it can be cheaper than juicing at home—even though I will always prefer fresh.)

Other habits I am trying to include daily? 

Oil pulling (in the shower for 20 minutes with coconut oil), dry brushing, eating fermented foods and taking probiotics, and taking my prenatals (I have SUCH a hard time remembering to take things, but I am doing it!) I need to get some more fermented CLO, and REALLY need to make some gummies so I can get more gelatin in my diet. I was making bone broth, the real way and the easy way with this shortcut, but am over eating it. Oh, and eating LOTS of healthy fats. That is key!!!

Things I am looking forward to in the next few weeks? Warmer weather and GETTING A PEDICURE! I have not had one since maybe last April? I am not kidding. Haven’t made it a priority but I really want and need one. Mike so sweetly got me a massage/mini facial GC for Valentine’s Day that I still haven’t used, so I have a day of pampering coming to me!

More-so than pampering, we are looking forward to finding out the sex!!! Yes we are finding out. I have an ultrasound appointment on the 14th. I am glad we are waiting until I am 20 weeks, it just gives us something to look forward to. I mean, of course we are looking forward to the baby but that seems SO far away! Weezy is convinced mommy is having a “baby sister” and everyone else is convinced boy. I can’t really say strongly either way. I can say I do not care at all which way it goes. I just see positives vs. positives. Boys do scare me a little, but that is because I don’t have one. Not enough to make me sway girl. I will say what everyone says, and take the “just give me a healthy, full-term baby” stance!

Okay, hopefully I have more interesting things to say in 2 weeks from now! We haven’t decided yet whether or not we are announcing to the world what we are having. We shall see….

I promise to try and get in a recipe and/or fitness/yoga posts before my next pregnancy blog. Talk soon!



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