Prime Day: My Amazon Prime Shopping Cart Musts!

Happy Monday!

Amazon Prime Day started TONIGHT at 9pm EST!

I thought I would check-in and share a round-up of all my must-haves to load in your shopping cart.


What is Amazon Prime Day?

  • It’s a day full of amazing deals for Amazon Prime members ( including trial & student memberships)
  • It begins Monday, July 10th (tonight!) at 9pm
  • The sales will last for 30 hours
  • If you have an Amazon Alexa device, Voice Shopping deals start at 7pm ET.

What to look for:

  • “Spotlight” means there is limited stock.
  • “Savings” sale promotions that will last all day.
  • “lighting” quick sales, be on the lookout!
  • If you’re not a member, you can sign-up for a trial membership to take advantage of the deals!
  • Use the Amazon app to make sure you don’t miss anything!
  • Join the Amazon Prime Facebook event page to get real-time updates on deals!

See all the latest deals HERE!


Okay, so not everything I am linking is on the prime day sale.I thought I would share some of my favorites that I am adding to my cart, and going to be checking through the day to see what is on sale!

I’ll mark what WAS on the prime day sale below, and try to update this at some point tomorrow as things change (I have a busy morning but I will check back in the afternoon)



For Your Pantry

  1. Raw Grass-Fed Whey 
  2. Chocolate Sea Salt RX Bars
  3. Collagen Hydrolysate: Vital Proteins, Zint, or Great Lakes (add to cart in case any go on sale)
  4. Primal Kitchen Dressing 
  5. Primal Kitchen Mayo
  6. Peanut Butter Larabar (Prime Day Sale)****




for the kitchen:

  1. The Instant Pot (<—mine)! I got my instant pot on prime day last year for $59! SUCH an amazing deal. If you don’t have one … it is a LIFE changer. If you do, get a second or buy one for your friend or your mom or your neighbor (keep it tucked away for the holidays even as a great gift!) PRIME DAY Update THIS ONE IS ON SPECIAL for $89.99.
  2. T-Fal Cast Iron Skillet ***(PRIME DAY SALE) A cast iron pan is an incredible tool to have in your kitchen. Don’t be intimidated by cooking with it … once you get the hang it is easy, and your food will taste a million times better, and even be more nutritious!
  3. Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer. ***(PRIME DAY SALE!! SO CHEAP!)  I have had mine since 2010, and it still works like a charm. I saw this on on the prime day deal list, but haven’t tried it personally.
  1. A kitchen scale. This is one from the deal list (PRIME DAY SALE) that is going in my cart. I had a digital scale years ago, but ended up returning it. I have a manual one, but digital is really great and convenient if you do gluten-free or grain-free baking especially, since much of success comes from measuring your ingredients on a scale by grams.
  2. A REALLY good chef’s knife (PRIME DAY SALE). This is also in my shopping cart. A good knife is EVERYTHING when cooking. I am telling you it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable, and food so much better when you have a good Chef’s knife!



Beauty Needs to fill your cart with and look for deals!

  1. Atzec Clay Mask (or this one): I use this several times per week! It recommends using apple cider vinegar (but the 2x I did my skin was burnt and red) so I use aloe water or regular distilled water.
  2. Zora 15-piece Makeup Brush Set (PRIME DAY)
  3. Tinkle Razors (see why I shave my face!)
  4. Ice Roller for healthy, tight skin! (see why!)
  5. A dry body brush (see why!)
  6. Rose Water Spray (see why!)
  7. Collagen Eye Masks (Not on Prime Day but found for only $4!)
  8. Radha Argan Oil (love in some of my body/beauty recipes…there was another on prime special but this was cheaper)
  9. Radha Rosehip Oil
  10. Vitamin E oil (posting recipe using this and vegetable glycerine this week! I use them in a few things on this blog)


Also check out the Essential Oils diffusers! I usually get mine from Young Living, but snagged a cheap one for Ella’s room as a backup 🙂


What deals are you looking out for????


Heads up, I finally added my affiliate links (I refuse to put ugly ads on my site, so hopefully this helps with some of the website fees to run this joint)


Have a great day, and have fun shopping!



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