Let’s Talk About Spin for a Second. And life lately.

Okay, so it has been kind of a crazy week. I have a ton of photo editing to do and some new recipe and beauty posts coming at you guys soon, just not this week (I’ll still be posting a Friday Five though!)

I’d love to say all the craziness has been because of the moon or the universe or some shit, but I haven’t even had time to look into it to make myself feel better. It is like all the things are happening and I totally feel scattered, it is time for some grounding and centering that is for sure.

If you know of some crazy moon or universe or numerology stuff happening, entertain me with it … I loveeeeeeee reading it.

Monday was Willie’s 1st birthday. The huge, adorable, pain in my butt 70-pound rescue puppy with endless energy. We love him.

Thursday is my Weezy girls’ 6th birthday! What??? I mean, I blogged about the day she was born. How did this happen? How is she 6? It is insanity, and she is so big and so smart and so sweet and sassy makes me cry with how much she has been learning. The other day she read me a whole book and knew most of the words, when just a couple of months ago she couldn’t do that. She’s a very caring friend, and thoughtful, and an old soul. Most importantly she is not afraid to be herself … and is totally cool with not being into the popular thing most kids are into. I love how she is with her friends at school from what her teachers tell me, and cannot believe we have this little lady on our hands … I mean, such a lady:

I am glad all this insanity happened before her birthday. I mean, it really isn’t that bad, Mike and I are just a little worn down.

Basically, over the weekend I had the kids in the tub and when it was time to shut the water off, it didn’t shut off.

We had to  get the kids out of the bath, rip the the thing off the wall (or at least thought it was a good idea at the moment), ended up calling a plumber (a friend’s husband … SO grateful  for him) who came out right away to fix the issue.

We saw a leak in our ceiling in the den after this, next to another leak, and had someone come out today to tell us that my OTHER bathroom basically needs to be redone.

And there is lead in there since it was built in like 1950 so it is going to be really pricey  (we still have the original bathrooms with the gorgeous pink grimy tile).

Things could be worse, and at least the original problem in our other bathroom was fixed, and that leak was just from when the plumber had to open up the pipes, not an ongoing issue.

Yesterday in the midst of all of the Mike got a flat tire and after waiting an hour found out that the tow guy couldn’t come, Amex concierge called another tow company, 20 minutes later, he can’t come, so he finally just called a random tow to get him. At the end of the day we were smiling because 1. that is all you can do and 2. our babies just put things into perspective. Not to be all gushy or cheesy or anything. But seriously they are so freaking cute.

A new fitness routine. Sort of.

I am forever grateful for my yoga mat and it does help calm and center me and change my perspective on things. My goal is to get on my mat 4-5 times a week. It doesn’t always happen, but that is my ideal. Lately, I have felt the need to switch things up.

The last time I took a spin class was about 2 years ago, maybe longer. I did enjoy it even though it was sporadic when I went, and the seat always hurts my ass, and I can’t understand a WORD the instructor says over the loud music.

Cycle bar is opening across the street next week, I can’t wait to check it out but in the meantime I tried a class at my new gym for the first time last week. Loved it, we also got on and off the bike for strength intervals which was super cool.

Funny how my life has changed as a once complete and utter gym rat, now I only get there once a week.

This morning I got the the gym right after Ella’s drop-off and the instructor was a sub.

The chick next to me warned me that she was tough.


That is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, class was awesome, but I think I cried a little.

Unfortunately I understood what she was saying more than anyone in the past, and kind of wish I hadn’t.

It was like, we were instructed to do this intense hill.

Then after that intense hill and a short time in “the saddle” with lower resistance, but not too low (still learning the lingo) she told us we should raise it even higher.

Wtf. It didn’t even go higher.

Then I figured out that it did.

5 minutes like that felt like an hour.

We got a break, and by break it was pedaling as fast as we could on a lower resistance.

Then, after that … it was “Okay, now we are going to climb the most intense hill ever. You want the resistance to be even more intense than last time.”

I cried.

Then she put on country music and I couldn’t even be bothered by it because class was killing me (no offense to my country-loving friends because it seems I only have 2 friends who don’t like it).

The girl next to me and I were laughing in the mirror between the painful faces because it was just so hard.

The “go more intense now than before” went on like 4 more times.

at 10:28 (class was ending at 10:30) we were still going hard and I was like, is she serious?

Good times.

My legs are going to be useless tomorrow.

I love being the student in these situations, it is great.

The instructor is the nicest woman ever. She’s like this super fit cardio queen. I loved the chick that taught last week as well.

I will be back to torture myself next week.

It felt AMAZING getting on my mat tonight to stretch though.

I did some gentle restorative stuff and flowed a bit … so hopefully that helps me be able to sit on the toilet tomorrow.

As much as yoga grounds me, centers me, restores me … spin was JUST what I needed in between my practices these past two weeks to burn off some anxious energy I have been feeling.


I would love to hear your fitness class stories. And if you take spin regularly, what is up with not understanding what they say half the class? Can someone school me on all the lingo?

I am going to try and get up for yoga for the 5:45am class, then I have to work and try and get cupcakes baked for Ella’s school party, and party planning for this weekend!

Talk soon!



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