How Essential Oils Changed Our Family’s Health

In 2012 I joined a private Facebook group about essential oils led by my blogger friend Lisa Beach.

I quietly lurked and read about all of the amazing benefits, and how people were incorporating them into their lives. Honestly, they were “expensive” and I wasn’t really sure I could buy into it yet. I trust Lisa. I “knew” her for many years through our blogs. She was one of the smartest people I have ever talked to, and she was a nutrition professor who shared so much of the same wellness beliefs as myself. In fact, I had learned so much from her over the years. I trusted Lisa, but still was not sold on the whole oils thing.


She sent me some samples and I finally bit the bullet and started using them in my home and in my own yoga practice as well as my workouts. One of my goals was to slowly begin to use them with my students and private clients as well. I researched a bunch of brands trying to find something cheaper, and also looked into the popular brand doTerra that so many in the yoga community use. In my research, what I learned was Young Living was the ONLY company to actually own their farms and have a hand in every step of the distillation … this is really important if you want safe, high quality oils. I know I did since I was planning to use them with my kids.


Lisa sent me some samples, and after a restless night with my baby boy I finally used one of the samples and I was FLOORED with the results.

I can truly say essential oils have changed my life! I can’t believe I waited THIS long to use them! I teach all of my clients about how important it is to choose the quality of your food wisely. You are only as healthy as what you are eating, and what you are eating, eats. This goes for animals and plants alike. Well, I learned that this means that the same thing goes for essential oils. Oils that are not therapeutic-grade can do more harm than good, and many can be fooled by not purchasing straight from the source.


My daughter suffered badly with eczema and snored horrendously since she was about 15 months old. It was heartbreaking and we tried everything from diet, to seeing doctors, allergists, steroids (which made it MUCH worse), and even considering rehoming our very beloved cat, Munchkin with family members because she was diagnosed allergic to dogs and cats.


When she was a baby, and our pediatrician said it was too soon for allergy testing. At one point last year it got so bad with the itching and her sleeping (she woke up so uncomfortable with her itching and poked me so hard in the eye I got a corneal abrasion), it was so hard to watch and feel helpless, I had enough and made an appointment with an allergist. She is allergic to our cat and we were devastated. We also learned that she had sleep apnea and needed to get her tonsils out. I was terrified even though I know many kids (including myself) get that surgery. I had a bad mama gut feeling about it. We met with a top doc at CHOP and he scheduled the surgery. Around the same time after much hemming and hawing I ordered my starter kit. When I got my oils I took an online class and learned that ALL of the “natural” cleaning products, detergents and soaps I was using rated VERY POORLY as far as allergies go. This prompted me to make my own cleaners. I also started diffusing oils to help promote immune and respiratory health as well and making roller blends for my family.

Only THREE weeks into these changes my husband turned to me in bed (our daughter sleeps in our bed) and said: “Did you notice Ella isn’t snoring anymore? You should call that doctor and see how her tonsils look.”

Long story short, we did call the doc and 1 week before the scheduled surgery he advised us to CANCEL it! What a relief! She hasn’t snored since, we still have our cat and we just got a puppy and her allergies are great!

There was something in my environment that was causing my children’s allergies, and oils empowered me to make some MUCH needed changes, even though I thought I was already living “green” and “natural.”

My son also started getting eczema, and his was even worse than Ella’s. With Weez, it was on the backs of her knees, wrists and on her beautiful face, and she really suffered. Jax had it ALL over his legs and people would comment all of the time, giving me advice of things that I had already tried.  I real wish I had taken before and after photos. Honestly, it broke my heart so bad looking at it, I couldn’t even bear to take a photo. Once I made the changes in our home, and started making my own skin products for them, along with tips from the allergist on bathing, both of their skin cleared up. No more snoring for Weez, and we have a go-to healthy solution for immune support, digestive support, and much more year-round!

I am not saying essential oils cured my children. I am simply showing that making overall changes at home in our environment, with the support of a reliable and trusted source of essential oils helped us in so many ways.


This is why I am passionate about this subject, and I really only trust Young Living over other brands (their standards are above organic and I have had friends who visited the farms and saw for themselves!)PLEASE no Amazon either! They are most-likely fake or really diluted, you are not allowed to sell YL on Amazon and as someone who gets oils at wholesale there is no way I could make a profit selling oils on Amazon. I plan to post more about this later.

The whole distillation process is SO important, you DO NOT want tainted oils otherwise it is just as bad as using those harsh cleaners. I am going to share  more about what I use and what YOU can use to make a healthier, happier environment for your family!

Let me know if you have questions any time about EOs, other ways they helped our family, and why I choose Young Living over other companies like doTerra or grocery store brands!

You can join our FREE Healthy Home & Essential Oils group HERE for recipes and ways all of my friends use oils in their life! There are over 220 long-time EO users and newbies in the group! Or get started here!

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