GUEST POST: Five Tips on How to Not Be an Asshole

The beautiful and hilarious Julie Ricci Phillips is taking over my blog today! I am traveling with my husband … like on a plane … for the first time in 7 years … leaving my kids + dog with our village (kind of freaking out) so she was kind enough to help me out.

You may have heard Julie dropping the best one-liners on our Podcast, “The Bitchin’ Yogis” where she is guaranteed to make you laugh uncontrollably, so mind where to listen! You just never know what is going to come out of her mouth … and it is amazing.

We have had several people say they get the weirdest stares while cracking up at the gym or on a train when our podcast plays in their earbuds.

Julie has some amazing life tips for you today. Take note and share with anyone who may find value in this information. Talk soon!


1. Use common courtesy

We learn manners at a young age yet sometimes they get lost once adulthood comes into play. If someone holds a door for you say Thank You. Smile or give a simple good morning to people you pass on the street. Be a fucking decent human being! Everyone has their own struggles to deal with you don’t need to be an asshole!


2. Driving

The biggest assholes can be found behind the wheel! Turn signals were created to be used and aren’t optional. If someone let’s you go ahead of them in traffic give a fucking wave to show appreciation. Likewise, where you are going is not more important than anyone else’s destination so stop acting like an entitled brat and be kind to others on the road! Slow the fuck down for school zones and stop for school busses. The fact that this even needs to be said is infuriating.


3. Don’t be a one upper

We all know them. The asshole who always knows someone who did something greater than what you just did making them far more superior than you. No one gives a fuck if you make the worlds best lasagna, or if your child is the best at everything he/she does. We all wipe our asses the same way so shut your damn mouth.


4. Stop Complaining

Complainers can also be known as negative Nancy’s. Listen, feel your fucking feelings it’s ok to let it out and go through this once in a while but for the love of God don’t stay in that state of mind for too long and bring others with you. You hate your job so you bitch about it constantly. You’re in a relationship where all you do is fight but you continue to stay. If you’re unhappy do something about it. I promise you complaining to everyone around you will NOT change a mother fucking thing!


5. Know it alls

The asshole sister to the one upper. No matter what topic is thrown their way they think they are a walking Wikipedia and will spew their knowledge on you even if you don’t ask for it. Since you know it all you should also know when to shut the fuck up! The funniest part about these types of assholes is that typically they DON’T KNOW SHIT!


Let us know your life tips for how to not be an asshole in the comments below!

Have a great weekend!




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