Flowtox Stay Off The Scale

By cutting out processed foods and additives, you may unintentionally find yourself cutting out a lot of other potentially harmful foods that are affecting your health. Or you may find yourself so pleased with the results during this 10-Day program that you find yourself wanting to learn more about what foods are really “healthy” and “unhealthy” despite good marketing gimmicks.

With that said, let’s talk about why many people sign up for this program … weight loss.

This is a topic that comes up often, and people want to know “Will I lose weight on this program?” or “Should I be getting on the scale each week and checking in to stay accountable?” If you have body fat to lose, and are following this program carefully, you will lose body weight.

Do we want you to focus on the weightless (scale) aspect of this program? No. Not really. That may be a motivating factor for many of you, and if it is and will keep you focused on bettering your health, than
by all means use it. Don’t get me wrong. Many people who have done our 30-Day and 10-Day resets have dropped a lot of weight, feel great and are incredibly pleased with their sexy, svelte new figure. We have people who tried for years and years diet after diet, and this was the first and only thing that helped them to lose excess weight and keep it off.

We jump for joy when that happens, and love to share success stories, but there are too many programs out there that hyper-focus on the rapid weight loss aspect, and it’s because that’s what sells people. It’s also what can sabotage your efforts long-term, keeping the weightloss industry one of the most profitable in the world. I see many before and after photos floating around social media these days of people who signed up for one of those multi-level marketing or “quick fix” programs and “lost 20 pounds in one week” because they’re eating 900 calories-1,200 calories a day and drinking special synthetic vitamin-laden protein shakes.
It always shocks me because I just don’t see how that can be equated with health! A low-calorie, low-fat diet, and incredibly rapid weight loss screams red flag to me. It also keeps these companies in business because once you go off of the “diet” you are prone to gaining the weight back and then some. If you want long-term success you need to focus on a nutrient-dense diet that works for your individual body. Not some cookie-cutter program that provides instant results and properly so that you can feel and look YOUR best without much effort.

Flowtox is a lifestyle reset that will help to make you more aware of the food you are eating, how it affects your body, and make you look and feel better overall. We eat real food, we don’t count calories, and we don’t step on the scale every day. We want you to “lose weight” if that is a goal!

Eat more intuitively and stay off the scale.

It is not a good measure of whether this program is working. Please know that rapid weight-loss doesn’t equal long-term success. Think about it. Does losing 20 pounds in 10 days really sound healthy to you? It takes longer for true fat loss depending on your body type. Most of these programs are selling rapid water loss, not rapid fat loss!

You may now be thinking: “OK, I get it, don’t weigh yourself … but I signed up for this program to lose weight and feel better. I want to see if this works, so what can I do? How will I know if what I am doing will show results? Eating more fat and not counting calories sounds scary to me!”

You can absolutely track progress without focusing on calories or the scale. Life is much better this way. You will also learn why this way of life works, why it makes the most sense, and why we’ve been “doing it all wrong” for more than half a decade!

Diets don’t work. Real food does!

From simply an aesthetic view it has been common knowledge for years that muscle mass and fat mass are two different things. Muscle mass takes up less space, while fat mass takes up more space. So even though 1 pound of muscle and 1 pound of fat weigh the same, one is going to take up much more space than the other. Two people at 5’4 weighing 120 pounds can look completely different and have different clothing sizes, based on their body types. Here’s how you can measure whether this is working in your favor if you like:

How to track your progress

Progress Pictures

You do not have to share them. Take them on day 1 for your own personal use. Take another photo once you finish the program and see your results.

Take Body Measurements

Take a tape measure and record where your waist, hips, thighs are at their thickest point and upper arms. Record your results again after 30 days of lifestyle changes.

How is Your Clothing Fitting?

This is probably the best and easiest way to track progress. Simply notice how your jeans are fitting! Every Flowtox session we get someone who pulled out an old pair of pants that they hadn’t worn in months or years only to be pleasantly surprised at how great they look just a few weeks into our challenge!

Body Fat Measurements

Many body fat scales are not very accurate. The most affordable form would be through bioelectrical impedance (BIA) to gauge amount of lean mass, water, and fat in your body. You know, those body fat scales you can get for $29.99. These can be internally consistent if you provide the same exact conditions each week, which is hard to do. Drink a glass of water or go on the scale dehydrated and it will be off by 10%. Plus, it kind of defeats the purpose of staying off of a scale since these all will also give you a body weight, along with a fat percentage. Generally, a more affordable method is to use those skin calibers, but if you get those cheap plastic ones it is probably not worth it. You can try seeing if your gym has a high-quality pair and ask if they would mind tracking your body fat at the beginning and end of the month. Or you can get into the much more expensive ways to measure body fat like the body pod, DEXA scan and water displacement. These are much more accurate but cost hundreds of dollars to do. If you ask me, it isn’t really worth it unless you’re some type of body builder. Why focus that much on a number? Just track how your clothing is fitting, feel good, be happy and grateful for new-found energy and keep moving forward!

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Nurture your metabolism by staying off the scale and give yourself a long vacation from worrying about weight loss. Focus on learning about the food you’re eating, getting in your kitchen, and reaping all the wonderful benefits this has to offer. Let the “weight loss” happen if that is a goal, and be pleasantly surprised one day when you fit back into an old pair of jeans!

Other Ways to Measure How Well This Program is Working:

  • How do you feel?
  • How are your cravings? Do you notice as time goes on that you are cravings more fresh, whole foods rather than processed sugary & chemical-laden foods?
  • Is your skin clearing up? Does it feel more vibrant and healthy?
  • Do you have more energy?
  • Are you sleeping better?


Reasons to Throw Away Your Scale

It is not a true measure of fat loss: You are better off measuring how clothing is fitting than stepping on the scale every week.

It Will Play With Your Head

Whenever you change your diet, especially in the way you focus on eliminating inflammation, the scale will fluctuate. You may be ecstatic week one when you notice you dropped a few pounds, but get discouraged week three and question yourself or how you are eating when the scale creeps back up or stands still.

The Scale Is Evil

The scale is the worst. Honestly. Why allow one little contraption either make or ruin your day? Why let it play with your head?

It’s Not Accurate

The scale weight will change depending on what you eat that day, how hydrated or dehydrated you are, whether you’ve gone to the bathroom, etc.

It Throws Off Your Hormones

The response you get from weighing yourself regularly can not only mess with your head, it can cause a hormonal imbalance! Cortisol, the stress hormone, may spike, causing an immune response that will actually deter weight loss!

How to Stay on Top of Weight Loss if This is a Goal

  • Follow this program carefully, cutting out all harmful chemicals, sugars, and sweeteners.
  • Use the guide on the shopping list and follow the recommended servings of fruit/starchy vegetables per day.
  • Nurture your metabolism
  • Focus on gut healing; add in fermented foods
  • Eat your fat!
  • Eat adequate protein
  • Fill you plate with a protein source, a healthy fat, and two servings of veggies
  • Read our daily newsletters and seek the forum for support

Other than eliminating problematic foods, and adding in helpful foods along with regular exercise, it is important to understand how your metabolism and hormones work! Nurturing your metabolism is key when it comes to weight loss and overall health. Check out this post to read more about metabolic health!