Five Tips for Gorgeous Skin

Today’s Friday Five was inspired by the fact that this week my skin broke out more than the normal “that time of month” or “I ate a little too much sugar” type of breakout.

And the fact that I am turning 36 in three weeks … and believe my skincare game is better than ever (I am also WAY more in tune with my body and skin to navigate keeping it clear and youthful).

The truth is, lately I have been a little lax and lazy with my diet.

We’ve been going out for dessert more often, and I have been so busy that meal prep had been lacking (meaning I skip a meal then nosh on the kid’s Annie’s crackers, which I don’t even like). Not to mention the fact that we had a party last weekend, and I have also been enjoying my summer rosé a little too much lately.

Overall, I eat healthy dinners and include nourishing foods throughout the day … it’s the additional “junk” that gets me.

Not to mention a few other lifestyle factors that attributes to dull skin!




I’ve been thinking about putting all of my skin tips in one place for a while now, and when I was racking my brain on what to do for this weekly post, it seemed like this was perfect!

Then, it just so happened that my favorite podcast was all about healthy skin this week!

Meant to be!


  1. Beauty from the inside out!



As I mentioned above … my skin goes CRAZY every time I decide to live a little.

Indulging in my favorite sweets usually has the consequence of craters on my face the next day … especially when it is ice cream or cheesecake (processed dairy).

I also notice that when I am not drinking enough water, my skin gets dull and bumpy.

Inflammation causes so many issues …. and bad skin is one of them. A poor diet is one of the main culprits when it comes to inflammation.

Hydrate and eat plenty of anti-inflammatory foods.

My 10-Day Detox & Meal Plan focuses a lot on inflammation and reducing foods that are causing it (especially sugar)!

Here are a few main tips for getting gorgeous skin from the inside out:

  • Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily (and add more for activity, being in the heat, etc).
  • Sip on non-caffeniated herbal teas that are supportive of skin, like rose hips tea (I love Traditional Medicinals).
  • Eat hydrating veggies and some fruit, like cucumbers, celery, green pepper, spinach, cauliflower, strawberries, and watermelon.
  • Avoid eating too much sugar. This includes fruits (I stick with 2-3 servings a day in the spring/summer, and eat what is in-season .. I don’t eat much fruit in the winter, just 1-2 servings a day).
  • Limit dairy intake. I seem to do well with raw, grass-fed dairy from The Family Cow … but when I eat any other processed dairy my skin seems to hate it. Even full-fat Greek yogurt. It is funny, because we make our own ice cream sometimes and use that raw milk … I seem to do fine but when we go out for ice cream, forget it … crater face!
  • Avoid processed and packaged foods with lots of additive and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Talk about causing inflammation … this is a MAJOR way to harm your body.
  • Avoid inflammatory oils in your diet, such as vegetable, canola, soybean, and safflower oil. I did a whole post and list of Omega-6 rich (pro-inflammatory) oils and why you want to avoid them here!
  • Drink more bone broth and use a collagen supplement in your tea, smoothies, or coffee.
  • If you are having major skin issues, try cutting out alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and dairy for at least a week (I know, not easy!) I am going to avoid my beloved rosé for the next week or two since I am having issues with my skin right now from over-indulging this past week.


If you need healthy eating support, join our community!




2. Clean your makeup brushes & pillows & anything that touches your face!

“Don’t touch your face.”

“Stop touching your face.”

I suffered from acne pretty bad in my teens and early 20s.

When I began getting regular facials at Heaven & Earth Salon, it was the only thing to help finally clear my skin.

That, and changing my diet.

I remember my esthetician talking to me, and in the course of our convo I must have kept touching my face, and she kept yelling at me to stop … and she was right!

She also talked a lot about diet. Of course, I thought I was a healthy eater and got offended that one would suggest I wasn’t …. but in fact, I was eating so many foods with hidden sugar and fake “diet” ingredients that it was definitely causing my skin to look dull and breakout.

I am turning 36 in three weeks and I feel my skin is overall better than ever!

Keep your skin CLEAN! It seems like a no-brainer, but there are so many things people don’t even realize they’re doing that sabotage their complexion:

  • Clean your makeup brushes and replace your sponges regularly! I did a whole post about this with DIY makeup brush cleaner. I try to use the spray every other day, then do a deep cleaning on my brushes once a week.
  • Don’t touch your face. I am not sure why this used to be so hard for me, but now I am so trained that I cringe when I see people doing it!
  • Wash your pillow cases often … anything that touches your face should be clean. Pillow cases, towels, rags, makeup brushes, etc! Bacteria is your skin’s #1 enemy.
  • Wash your face every night! I can’t even tell you HOW many people I know that do not do this. I am a maniac about washing my face at night. It is anxiety-inducing to me if I don’t (I can’t sleep). I oil cleanse, but if this is too time consuming or freaks you out, find a really good gently cleanser and use witch hazel on a cotton ball as astringent.



3. Exfoliate!!!



I shave my fave once a week with a tinkle razor. In fact, I just noticed some clear peach fuzz and realize that I missed this week (which is another reason my skin may be suffering). Here are ALL of my tips and reasons WHY I shave my face. Trust me, it was a total game changer for my beauty regimen.

When you choose to exfoliate, (it doesn’t have to be shaving, you can find a gentle, all-natural exfoliant recommended by your esthetician or dermatologist), do it only once a week. More than that may be counter-intuitive.


4. Icing



This was one of the first things I talked about when I re-launced my blog.

I love my ice roller and am forever grateful to Lauryn for introducing me to it.

Cold massage therapy on your face may help reduce pore size and it also activates lymphatic drainage which will reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, redness, and irritation. It may even have a “lifting” effect on the skin.

After I do my DIY gelatin face mask my skin feels SO tight and smooth, adding this makes it glow even more! I ALWAYS ice roll after shaving/exfoliating or doing any of my face masks.

It is also a MUST for special occasions before putting makeup on.

Back in the day I used to wear a ice mask on my face when I had no children and 5 hours to get ready for a night out at Chemistry in Manayunk (local nightclub). Or I would roll an ice cube all over my face after a home facial.

The ice roller is a game changer, I keep in my freezer in a freezer-bag to keep it clean, and try to use it daily!

The best part? It is super cheap on Amazon!



5. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Aside from drinking a lot of water, teas, green juices … you should keep your skin properly hydrated from the outside as well.

I love this rose water spray, and spritz it on my face a few times per day.

Being regimented with your beauty routine, creams, serums, and hydrating sprays will keep your skin looking young dewy, and full of healthy glow!

Young Living (<my link) makes a sandalwood moisture cream and rose ointment our healthy home group loves, if putting oils on your face makes your nervous (or if you are super prone to acne). I also really love Andouli day cream that you can get at Whole Foods (I add Frankincense and Patchouli to it).


Another great skin beauty tip is applying a facial massage once per week. This is counter-intuitive to my “don’t touch your face” rule … but you can do this with a clean cheese cloth over your fingers, or just really scrub under your nails before! I do this with jojoba oil! They also sell tools for home that do it for you (my next purchase!).

I hope you have a great weekend!


What are your favorite tips for GORGEOUS glowing skin?



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