Five Tips for Fall Allergy Relief

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Seasonal allergies suck.

As the seasons shift, so many people complain of suffering the not-so-fun aspects of the changes.

In the fall, changing foliage, weeds and other plants release pollen into the air and outdoor molds grow under fallen leaves.

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America this can trigger fall allergies for some 40 million Americans!

I wanted to put together a quick list so that you are prepared. It is still early September, so I haven;t heard too many people sneezing yet, but it is definitely starting!

I used to get ragweed allergies BAD in the fall. The spring pollen never really bothered me, but as soon as the leaves fell I was miserable.

Luckily I haven’t suffered in years! Back in the day I used to take stinging nettle supplement, and that seemed to help … but I think  a combination of the things below are what has been keeping me happy during football season.


  1. Local Raw Honey

This is a remedy that has worked for me for years. There isn’t actually much scientific evidence behind this, but there are a lot of individuals that swear by it!

The theory is that the bees pollinate everything, so naturally by using honey from local bees you are going to build up your immune system to the pollens in your particular area.

I don’t use honey, or sugar, or any sweeteners for tea, coffee, or anything else on a regular basis. I do, however, tell people when I use honey I use it medicinally. Well, this is exactly what I mean!

Start taking about a teaspoon of raw, local honey every day a month before allergy season. Hopefully it helps build some immunities!


2. Neti Pot

Also know as a nose bidet, the neti pot is used to “flush-out” the nasal cavity using a saline solution and warm water. Some people use it as regularly as brushing their teeth!

Nasal irrigation is used to treat a wide range of chronic sinus and nasal symptoms. I find this brings a ton of relief on my sinuses when I have a cold, it’s something I’ve been using for over 12 years!

Clearing your nasal passages daily during allergy season is a great way to get relief.

This is a holistic remedy but I have heard several medical doctors recommend this method, too! Be sure to use distilled water, not tap water when you make the saline solution. You don’t know if everything in your tap water is clean, and you don’t want to put that up your nose near your brain!

It is best when it is slightly warm, in my opinion.


3. Fermented Foods/Probiotics


Gut health is the center of our immune system.

It’s SO important to nurture it.

A  healthy gut should contain between 20,000 and 30,000 species of bacteria. Having a variety is key, and unfortunately today due to the environment, a modern diet, lifestyle, and stress our guts are all kinds of messed up.

Probiotics have become more popular and many medical doctors are now prescribing or recommending them to patients.

The issue is, sometimes these pills aren’t reliable. I wrote a whole article on probiotic pills vs. fermented foods … so go check that out!

In the meantime, I will say that getting your gut health in order is only going to help you build up your immune system and relieve some allergy symptoms along the way.

The way we do that is by adding a variety of these probiotics into our daily diet through different fermented foods and some high-quality probiotic pills.



4. Diffuse Essential Oils

Essential oils have done so much for my family over the last 2 1/2 years.

What they are is the “blood” of plants so to speak.

EOs are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, fruit, rinds, resins, and herbs. Oils consist of over 100 different natural, organic compounds

In humans, they provide support for every system in the body: your skeletal system, your muscular system, circulatory system, endocrine system and your hormones, respiratory system and immune system.

Diffusing high-quality essential oils every day may help give added support and aromatherapy during allergy season. The combination of the mist from the diffuser and specific respiritory-support essential oils have given my family a ton of relief. You can also use oils topically, but “clearing” the air in your home with these healthy oils isn’t a bad plan, just saying’!

Here is a short list of a few EOs I personally love to use this time of year:

  • peppermint
  • eucalyptus globus
  • eucalyptus blue
  • geranium
  • hyssop
  • lemon
  • frankincense
  • lavender
  • thieves (which is a blend by YL)

The amount you use in a diffuser really depends on the size of the room, the size of the diffuser, and so on. Check the instructions and start low and slow until you find what works for you.

In the beginning, start with single EOs then you can move on and start layering and blending. I often blend many from this list such as frankincense and lemon (I make a roller for the kids for immune support all winter to rub on their chest/feet), I also love peppermint and eucalyptus for my husband and I (I wouldn’t use this combo on small kids).

If you are interested in learning more of have specific questions about dilution, diffusing, or anything please comment or join our Facebook Healthy + Natural Home group to get a lot of great feedback from seasoned EO users (we have tons of newbies too!)


5. Apple Cider Vinegar Tea


My nightly routine includes a huge mug of apple cider vinegar tea!

I put 1-3 TBSP in warm water and it works wonders for me regarding digestion and bloating.

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a “mother” (the creepy stuff at the bottom of the bottle) is what you want! I personally love Bragg’s.

AVC is loaded with enzymes, and it’s also a natural antihistamine.

I have found it helpful for a sore throat, stuffy nose, and other common cold/allergy ailments.

It is also a GREAT way to get your daily dose of honey by adding it to your ACV tea!

FYI, the “mother” (creepy stuff) is just something that occurs naturally  since it is fermented, it’s strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules.


See my book review of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book here and my top 5 favorite wellness books here!


Final bonus tip… sip bone broth! It not only contains a ton of minerals, but it is also great for gut health and immune health as well!


Have a FAB weekend!

What are some of your seasonal allergy relief tips? Let me know in the comments!

And stay tuned for the launch of our Podcast next week!



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