Figgy Friday 5

The weekend, already!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!

I will be busy prepping for my cousins wedding festivities all weekend!!! Tonight is the rehearsal dinner, and tomorrow is the big day! The day of beauty starts at 11am, then we have to be at my cousins by 3 for the limo to take us to the country club. I am hoping it isn’t TOO chilly outside so she can get some outdoor pics!

Here’s your Friday 5 for the week:

5 Super Foods for Pregnant Women


1. Figs-

There’s 5 grams of fiber in one cup of dry figs; they are a GREAT source of calcium, providing  a quarter cup of your daily calcium needs! Your teeth will benefit from the potassium, phosphorus and magnesium in figs. These tooth-supporting nutrients aren’t just great for your own mouth; they are essential to the 32 teeth forming below the gums in your growing baby’s mouth.

2. Chives-

Chives are a great source of folate (the synthetic form is folic acid), iron, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium. Folic acid may be the most important nutrient of the first trimester. For proper iron absorption, your body needs vitamin C. Chives give you both—about 3.5 milligrams of vitamin C and 0.1 milligrams of iron per 2 tablespoons. Plus, your sprinkle of chives has about 12 milligrams of magnesium; this mineral can help alleviate constipation, a common symptom during pregnancy.

3. Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are one of the healthiest foods on Earth. There is 1 milligram of copper (about 100 percent of your recommended daily amount), 5 milligrams of iron (about 19 percent of your RDA) and more than 400 milligrams of phosphorus (that’s more than half of your daily needs) in 1∕2 cup. Copper aids in forming red blood cells; iron is important for making hemoglobin, the substance in your red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to your baby; and, phosphorus works with calcium to ensure that your baby’s bones and teeth are growing properly.

4.  Tahini

Since it is made from sesame seeds, tahini contains all of sesame’s nutrients, including calcium and omega-6 fatty acids. A few tablespoons of tahini contain more than 6 grams of the fats, which are required for proper cell integrity and healthy nervous and immune system function. Proper development of your milk glands, placenta and uterus is also dependent on having sufficient levels of healthy fats in your body. Tahini is also a good source of thiamin, phosphorus, copper and manganese, all key to your baby’s healthy development.

5. Leeks

Leeks are the vegetable equivalent of a super multivitamin-mineral tablet. They are a GREAT nondairy source of calcium (55 milligrams per cup), which is essential for the development of your baby’s bones. Plus, calcium may help combat some common symptoms of pregnancy, including irritability, insomnia and back and leg pains. One serving of leeks also contains close to 60 micrograms of folate as well as 0.2 milligrams of vitamin B6 (about 10 percent of your RDA), which is necessary for your body to metabolize energy from the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your diet. There’s also evidence that vitamin B6 can help alleviate morning sickness!

FYI-my new favorite site is  Fit Pregnancy–check it out for some great tips!


5 Ways to Spice up a Squat

The “king” of all exercises


1. Add some Instability–

flip over a Bosu or grab a wobble board & work on that core strength while you add a new challenge to your squat!

2. Add some Movement–

try side stepping into a squat, add a resistance band and keep walking sideways, squatting after each step!

3. Add some Balance–

Try squatting on one leg! Beginners try hanging onto a bar or have a bench to sit back on for added stability.

4. Add some Plyometrics–

Put a little JUMP into your squat! This will get your heart rate up, and double as cardio and weight training in one movement! Watch your form & see how it’s done!

5. Add a Lift–

Try doing a Sumo Squat with a Side Leg Lift! This movement will improve your balance, core strength, and flexibility. You will target your butt, thighs and core muscles.


Remember–NEVER let your knee go past your toes on the squat! Sit back deep and always keep your core tight, your chest out and shoulders back!

5 “New” Strategies for Beating Stress?

What you thought you knew may be wrong!???

this is my FAVORITE time of the year, but it can also be stressful! Here are 5  tips experts say will help you cope and keep your mental health strong & the fights with your loved ones at bay!  What we were told about stress all along may be all wrong! Adapted from Prevention Magazine…

1. If You’re Angry–GET SOME SLEEP!

what happened to never go to bed angry?

When we are stressed, angry, or fighting with a spouse…you may not be thinking too rationally. So, to prevent saying something you regret, or getting yourself even more upset, not to mention added stress from lack of sleep, try getting in bed, alone.  Tomorrow is another day, and with a good nights rest you will be fresh and strong, ready to face it! The “never go to bed angry” rule may be totally wrong! Experts now say that going to bed angry gives you a night to refresh and think about how you really feel! I know there have been times I went to bed mad at Michael, and woke up feeling like it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought…maybe they are right!


If sleep didn’t cut it, and you still have pent up frustration inside…just let it all out. We were told to control our tempers when we were little, that carried on into adulthood (for most people). It’s not very attractive to throw a tantrum, however, according to a study published in Biological Psychiatry that looked at the effect of the facial expressions of emotions, such as fear and indignation, on our stress responses, displaying your anger may cause your brain to release LESS cortisol (the stress hormone related to obesity and heart disease). Experts say that short bouts of anger, like when you are presented with a bad driver that cuts you off, can dampen the effects of stress!


I am a big fan of this one. According to new research, spending time cuddling with your pet over rules your human support system! Having your puppy curl up on your lap, or your kitty cat purring away by your side during a stressful event turns out to be more soothing than a friend or a spouse! This is according to James J. Blascovich, PHD, a professor of psychology at the University of California.


When we have a problem or are going through a rough patch, we are told to talk it out…get it off our chests, right? Well, there is also evidence suggesting that method may not be right for everyone! “People who talk endlessly about their problems are at a greater risk of depression and anxiety” says Karin Coifman, PhD, an assistant professor of clinical psychology at Kent State University. That doesn’t mean you should just suck it up when something bad happens to you. She just believes that you should learn how to defer your attention from the stressor. Have your grieving moments, but also learn how to distract yourself from contantly thinking about it, and that can be a wonderful coping mechanism.


This will probably be a popular one! We are told not to “stress eat” when we are going through a rough time. I tend to agree with this, and chocolate can be a very addictive food!However, if you indulge in just a little bit of chocolate, it can actually help. In a study, stressed-out participants who ate 1 1/2 ounces of DARK chocolate one day for 2 weeks had reduced levels of stress hormones!


5 Favorite Holiday Songs

“You’re a bad banana…with a greasy black peel!”

1. You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

My all-time FAVORITE!

2. The Hanukkah Song

3. Last Christmas

–Michael’s favorite

4. Baby, It’s Cold Outside

5. White Christmas


5 Things I need to do to “prep” for my cousins wedding:


1. Get a mani/pedi

2. Wax my eyebrows

3. Get an Airbrush Tan 😉

4. Put the finishing touches on my speech

5. Buy some prenatal pantyhose

yes, there is a high maintenance chick in here, sorry to disappoint.


Tell me More 😉

What’s your favorite holiday song???

What are your weekend plans?

What’s your favorite way to switch up a classic exercise?

Hope you have a great weekend!


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  • Reply susan

    Enjoy the wedding this weekend, it will be fun. Love Michael’s Christmas song too, Last Christmas, I also like the song It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Still snowed in here, I’m due in work on Sunday but I don’t know if I’ll be able to get there, it’s an ice rink outside and the gates that all the homes beside me share is blocked by snow and ice. Kind of nice having a lazy day chilling at home in front of the warm fire and eating tasty treats.

    December 3, 2010 at 7:12 am
    • Reply laury

      Oh my!! be careful in that weather!! I’m so jealous you have a fireplace…I LOVE fireplaces!! So cozy!! Enjoy your weekend!

      December 3, 2010 at 10:01 am
  • Reply Keri

    Thanks again, Laury, you never disappoint with your fab friday 5s! Love the squat one. I take an exercise class at the gym and I swear she does all of these in one class. She could do an entire class of squats and lunges alone haha its a killer but its a great workout. Enjoy your Friday and have fun at the wedding!

    December 3, 2010 at 7:51 am
  • Reply Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

    I think my favourite holiday songs have to be Santa Claus is Coming to Town and All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. SUCH classics and they make me feel so Christmas-y! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    December 3, 2010 at 9:33 am
  • Reply Katie

    I love your Friday Fives! 🙂

    My favorite holiday song is “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. I loved when they sang it in ELF.

    This weekend, my old man and I are going out to dinner then to a Penguins hockey game (in our hometown which is not Pittsburgh, but we’ll be routing for them regardless!). 🙂 I can’t wait! I’ve always wanted to see the Penguins play!

    December 3, 2010 at 9:39 am
  • Reply Joslyn @ missfitbliss

    I love your Friday Fives too Laury! I love the part about being a high maintenance chick and throwing a tantrum every now and then. I’m big on both of those things!

    December 3, 2010 at 9:54 am
  • Reply Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life

    My favorite holiday song is Santa Baby! : )
    I love doing plyos to change up basic exercises- jumping squats, jumping lunges…

    December 3, 2010 at 9:57 am
  • Reply erica @ fashionmeetsfood

    I absolutely adore your friday fives. They’re so much fun. I am loving ow to relieve stress. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


    December 3, 2010 at 9:58 am
  • Reply TheHealthyapron

    Have fun this weekend! Take lots of pics!

    Love the 5 foods you suggested for pregnancy! I LOVE figs!! But I have never experiemented with leeks! I might have to find a recipe for this weekend!

    I’m not sure if I agree with ALL the new stress busters. I cannot go to bed fighitng with the hubs. It stays on my mind, plus I love a good cuddle before dozing off. But cuddling with a pet? Yes please! It seems, even when they are little stinkers, I can never get mad, and it is just so calming to watch them lying there next to you!
    Favortie xmas song: Happy xmas, John Lennon!

    Happy weekend!!

    December 3, 2010 at 11:04 am
  • Reply Hayley

    I also like you’re a mean one mr grinch 🙂 and the hanukkah song.
    Another fave would be Silver Bells, because my mom always used to sing it when I was growing up. She doesn’t actually know the words, so she made up her own version, which was hilarious.

    I’m glad to hear that distraction is a good coping mechanism, because I’m great at that one. Although I always thought of it as avoiding! But maybe it isn’t such a bad thing afterall.
    Have a great time at the wedding!

    December 3, 2010 at 11:07 am
  • Reply melissa @ the delicate place

    mmm i love figs and i think i need to start buying some dark chocolate, do you know of any vegan dark chocolate that’s good? (since i’m gluten/dairy free vegan treats are my go to!)

    December 3, 2010 at 11:49 am
  • Reply Jess@atasteofconfidence

    I like the Christmas song:) Have fun at the wedding and good luck with prep! I’m planning on a lot of relaxation!

    December 3, 2010 at 12:14 pm
  • Reply Marg

    I think folate is so important, even before you’re pregnant to start getting it in. My cousin was born with spinal issues, but that was before I think the benefits of it was as well known. Nice to know it’s in chives, may have to eat it now.

    Love treating myself to chocolate when I’m stressed!

    Also fave Christmas song is All I Want for Christmas is You.

    December 3, 2010 at 12:16 pm
  • Reply Katie

    Can I cite you the next time I throw a tantrum? 😉

    December 3, 2010 at 12:35 pm
  • Reply Dana

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding!! xoxo

    December 3, 2010 at 3:16 pm
  • Reply Laura

    Favorite Christmas song is -Christmas is All Around by Billy Mack from the Love Actually Soundtrack 🙂

    I think the tip about keeping things inside is maybe a surprisingly good one. I think that for me once I get going and start ranting and raving it snow balls and then EVERYTHING is wrong and it becomes easier to say whatever you’re thinking at the time which may not be what you really truly feel when you are calm and sane.

    December 3, 2010 at 3:59 pm
  • Reply Melissa

    Great Friday 5 as usual:)
    I love all that info on the foods for pregnant women…good to know for the future!
    Jump squats are surprisingly them though. Bosu squats are great too.
    I used to be one of those people that would talk and talk about the bad things in life but I’ve learned to let go of the trivial things and so I can deal with things way better now. I like to exercise or watch a favorite show/movie if I’m feeling the heat.
    I love Oh Holy Night or Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer:)
    Have fun at the wedding!!

    December 3, 2010 at 5:35 pm
  • Reply Lori

    Figs, leeks, and tahini are SO good- sounds like the making of a really great salad idea too.

    Adding instability to a workout or move is great for the core! I love that… and lifting weights. 😉


    December 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm
  • Reply Heather @ Get Healthy With Heather

    I love your 5’s! The squat tips are all great. I love switching up my exercise, even if it’s just a tiny bit. When the body has to keep guessing, it’ll keep changing. Have a great weekend 🙂

    December 4, 2010 at 9:56 am
  • Reply Alisa Cooks

    You put a ton of work into this week’s five! I loved reading all of these.

    I love singing (badly) the Mr. Grinch song at my husband (joking of course) year round, but oh my goodness, the Hanukkah song! I hope you are talking about the one by Adam Sandler. I love that one! Is there a video of that online?

    Weekend plans – chillin’

    December 4, 2010 at 12:29 pm
  • Reply Anne

    “Carol of the Bells” is my holiday favorite. I’m also a sucker for “O Holy Night.” I’ll hum it all month long.

    Love that you featured figs in your open 5 List. They are one of my favorite fall fruits and I have several friends with fig trees so I get to eat them a lot in September and October.

    Have fun at your cousin’s wedding!

    December 4, 2010 at 7:13 pm
  • Reply Tiffany @ Simply Shaka

    Thanks for posting the squat moves, I need to mix mine up since it gets so redundant. I also try to do plie squats and those work my inner thighs like nothing I’ve ever seen!

    And yay for beating stress with a furry friend, love it!!

    Last Christmas is a great song but my fave is Dominick The Donkey!

    December 4, 2010 at 11:12 pm
  • Reply Salah@myhealthiestlifestye

    Love this post!!! I love Christmas music, and I would definitely put all those songs on my playlist!! 🙂

    December 5, 2010 at 12:00 am
  • Reply Charlie

    Last Christmas is my favorite Christmas song!!! I also love Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer – reminds me of my youth :P.
    Love the strategies to beet the stress.

    December 5, 2010 at 6:51 pm
  • Reply Thirsty Thursday~Carrot Orange Ginger

    […] are  SUPER FOOD for pregnant women! They’re vegetable equivalent of a super multivitamin-mineral tablet & GREAT nondairy […]

    December 9, 2010 at 2:50 pm
  • Reply Edward

    Very nice blog .. White Christmas is my all time favorite. I hope
    you had fun in your cousins wedding..

    January 25, 2011 at 4:29 am
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