I am so grateful that I chronicled both of my pregnancies through blogging. They were two VERY different experiences. My mindset, my diet, my activity and especially the births were night and day. My first pregnancy was an induction with an epidural and my second pregnancy was completely natural,  fast, I mean crazy fast, and with no drugs at all.

My Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy: 14 Weeks

Second Pregnancy: 16 Weeks

Second Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

Gender Reveal

Second Pregnancy: 24 & 26 Weeks

Second Pregnancy 28 Weeks &Glucose Tolerance Test Options

Second Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

Second Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

Second Pregnancy: 34 & 36 Weeks

Second Pregnancy: 40 Weeks

Second Pregnancy Birth Story

Nursing Update & Breast Pump Review

Postpartum Belly Binding Review

My First Pregnancy


First Trimester

Second Trimester

Gender Reveal 

Third Trimester

Birth Announcement

Guest Post by My Sister, Carly

My Birth Story

Body Image After Baby

Body Image After Baby Part 2

First Pregnancy Belly Progress: