Face Shaving: Why I Do It, How To Do It, + Tips!

Today I am going to get real with you all and talk about something I don’t think I can live without since I have discovered it.

Shaving my face.

Yup, I started shaving my face.

Did you know that this was Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor’s best beauty secret? Many other celebrities do this but don’t want you to know about it.

Apparently Japanese women have been doing this forever.

I blame my girl, Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential for getting me into face shaving. She has no shame, which is why I love her.

Lauryn said that she learned about it from Michelle Money (I am not a bachelor fan, sorry, so I didn’t even know who that was) … but regardless of who brought beauy trend into light, it is a game changer!


First off …. if you are prone to rashes, have acne, or very sensitive skin … this may not be for you. As far as acne goes, you don’t want to spread bacteria so work on clearing up your face first, then re-visit this awesome method for smooth skin! If it is just a few little blemishes try any of my masks and dab some tea tree oil on to clear it up!

Before I get into the whys and the hows of female face shaving, I am going to revisit oil cleansing … which I talked about on my old blog a million years ago, and think the post got lost into the abyss of my rebrand.

I started using coconut oil to remove my makeup and oils to wash my face about 6 years ago (sometimes I will use other oil blends depending on my level of laziness and my skin’s needs), and now incorporate the face shaving into my oil cleansing about once a week.

It’s addicting.

I have updated with a blog post here all about oil cleansing and the BEST oils to use that won’t clog pores.


After oil cleansing, I’ll use witch hazel all over as an astringent, and my homemade night serum massaged all over my face and neck afterwards. Add some ice rolling for the bonus.

Depending on your skin type there are a ton of ways to oil cleanse (coconut oil actually isn’t the best oil to use for cleansing, but I love it for removing makeup and shaving).

Next week I will break all of that down, so come back in a few days to get the details! (Update: post here!)

Okay, back to face shaving.

I was REALLY skeptical of this, and kept reading about it, until one day I just ordered my Tinkle Razors off of Amazon.

They sat for a few weeks before I did anything with them

Until I finally did it.

My skin has NEVER felt as good as it did when I finished shaving my face.

How to shave your face + tips:

  1. In between steps of oil cleansing (after, if you do the steps twice, do it after the second round), with a clean and well-oiled face (a thin layer of coconut oil or your oil cleanser works if coconut oil clogs your pores) I take my tinkle razor at about a 45-degree angle and shave downwards in short, gentle strokes around my lip, cheeks, jaw, chin, and sideburn area. I do not do my forehead, although some suggest doing forehead and neck (always in the direction your hair grows, the angle may subtly vary depending on where you’re shaving).
  2. When I am finished that, I take my coconut oil all over again with a cotton ball, then a rag to wash it off. Then place witch hazel all over my face, and massage my night serum everywhere (sometimes I ice roll after).
  3. Repeat about once weekly, this will vary depending on the person.


  1. CLEAN your razor after each use. I dip mine in alcohol and rinse well. You DO NOT want bacteria on the razor getting onto you skin and causing issues.
  2. Do not use a razor you would use to shave your legs or that your husband/boyfriend/brother uses for their face. It is more harsh which is what can make your hair grow back stubbly.
  3. The tinkle is designed for your face for brows (which I wouldn’t use it for, seems too complicated), which probably why my hair and others who use it grows back more gently. I don’t have any science to back this, just sharing my experience and research!
  4. Don’t schedule any harsh chemical peels or skin treatments shortly after doing this.
  5. Shaving with a tinkle is a gentler approach to a professional dermaplaning treatment (which provides a deeper exfoliation than shaving at home), but they both remove the dead outer skin and vellus hairs.
  6. Dry shaving will increase your risk of ingrown hairs and bumps, so use my method having wet skin and adding coconut oil before taking a razor to your face.

My skin GLOWS like CRAZY when I shave with a tinkle.

I need to start doing this before I apply my makeup because I feel so dewy and smooth.

It is freaking amazing.

The number ONE question is: “will my hair grow back darker and thicker?”

Again, mine hasn’t. It grew back blonde peach fuzz … just don’t use a regular razor.

Lauryn says her hair doesn’t either, and I was looking around and all the women who own up to doing it say the same.

Everyone is different, so do this at your own risk … I am just sharing my awesome experience with it!

I gave some tinkles to my mom and am making her do it. She still hasn’t, and I am planning on harassing her until she does.

Benefits of shaving your face:

  • Shaving enthusiasts claim that regular face shaving can mimic the dermaplaning effect by stimulating collagen production and softening fine lines over time.
  • It exfoliates! Another dermaplaning-type effect which is amazing for smoother, younger-looking skin.
  • It’s better than waxing, which is super harsh on your skin. I stopped waxing years ago, it always made me red and irritated.
  • It can leave your skin brighter, giving you a dewy glow.
  • After shaving, whatever skin serum you use can penetrate more deeply, nourishing your skin.
  • Removing peach fuzz on your face works because the fine hairs trap debris and it can can make your skin appear dull.

Do men age better than women? Is it because they shave their faces?

My husband and I were in bed one night and he was talking about how the presidential candidate for France met his now wife (who is 25 years older than him) when he was her 15-year-old drama student.

She  eventually left her husband for him when he was of legal age, and they are now happily married.

They are the same age difference as Trump and Melania.

My husband then said “well, men age differently.”

“Ummm, oh is that right?”

I mean, his point was that early on, men are more immature (especially at 18-years-old with a 42-year old .. yikes!), and  that later, in our society you are more-likely to see an older man with a younger woman, than an older woman with a younger man.

I don’t really think that generally because men age better, I think women age gracefully … but we have to put more work into our skin than men do as far as I know.

Is it because men shave their faces and we don’t?

Well sorry, boys. We are in on your little secret now!


Do you think this is something you will try??

Talk soon! More on oil cleansing coming up …






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  • Reply Lisa

    When I was in Japan I saw all kinds of ads and posters in salon windows that appeared to be for straight razor shaves for women. I couldn’t read the text but it sounds like from what you’re saying that it’s a real thing!

    May 9, 2017 at 1:35 pm
    • Reply Laury

      Yes, apparently it is! I should have asked you if you saw anything! Soooo interesting 🙂

      May 9, 2017 at 2:55 pm
  • Reply jen

    Omg I have never heard of this but am instantly interested. I have super super sensitive skin and the thought of oil terrifies me…I wonder how you’d do this without oil??

    May 9, 2017 at 8:44 pm
    • Reply Laury

      Ohhh I can’t wait to get the oil cleansing post together so you can read it! I would definitely not do it dry, it could cause ingrown hairs and bumps. Maybe aloe gel? Some even use shaving cream but i feel like that is worse than oil … there are also natural shaving gels, but I have never used those on my face.

      When you say sensitive, do you mean you breakout easily or that your skin gets irritated easily?

      My friend did a whole post that went viral on oils for the face, because she posted a before and after of her cystic acne, and how gorgeous her skin looked after oil cleansing. I was all ready to link it in my blog again, and her blog is no longer up! I am going to ask if it is still around on Pinterest because you just have to see it!

      May 10, 2017 at 7:53 am
  • Reply jen

    Breakout!! Never had a problem until I had weird. And frustrating. I’m also laughing at the thought of shaving cream all over my face bahaha

    May 10, 2017 at 10:12 pm
    • Reply

      Damn hormones! Isn’t it crazy how our bodies change after kids? I was literally cracking up too thinking about shaving cream on my face! I’d think cocounut oil would be more gentle, since shaving cream has fragrance anyway (essential hundreds of chemicals can be hidden in that one name!) You are also washing it off after. But there may be a better, less pore clogging oil to try! Stay tuned <3

      May 11, 2017 at 2:28 pm
  • Reply jen

    You know I will 😂

    May 11, 2017 at 9:25 pm
    • Reply

      LOL, you’re the BESTEST!!XO

      May 12, 2017 at 11:12 am

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