DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

I often get asked how I clean my yoga mat. I am obsessed with essential oils, and use them for so many things but I’ll be honest I do not use them on my yoga mat … but you can … depending on the mat you have!

The mat that works best for my heated power yoga practice is Lululemon “The Mat.” I like the 5mm, and honestly can’t practice on anything else.

The way you clean this mat is literally with water. Sometimes I will sprinkle a little baking soda on it and let it run through the shower and hang to dry. Most often I spray it down with a spray bottle full of water right after class ends and call it a day. Any type of wipes, cleaners, even essential oils will clog the pores on the mat … and the whole beauty of it is that I don’t slip when I practice on it.

However, if you have ANY other type of mat, here is what I recommend to my EO group members! Of course check with the manufacturer to be safe, I don’t know the rules and care for every yoga mat ever made 🙂

This is great to carry with you in your yoga mat bag, and you can even spray a little on your towel or mat before class for a little aromatherapy while you practice!


Here are the high quality essential oils I recommend and information on why and how to order if you want to be a part of our group and get all the free EO trainings.

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