DIY Collagen Skin Tightening Face Mask

I really love a home spa night. Since turning 35 this past year I’ve been trying to pay extra special attention to my skin. It’s ridiculous because I still feel like I am 25 half of the time, but my skin isn’t as resilient as it was 10 years ago and my nightly routine is definitely more work, but much more natural.

When I began using essential oils I was driven to explore more DIY body, beauty and cleaning solutions! I adapted the following recipe from my friend, Lisa Beach, a blogger, aromatherapist, nutrition professor, and health guru that introduced me to Young Living over four years ago.

My online community is always sharing tons of DIY beauty + skincare tips, she posted about a basic max using gelatin + hot water with EOs and I thought it was genius!

I played around to make it peel, and also to adapt to my skin better. The addition of  jojoba oil to it, and sometimes argan or avocado oil … and more recently vegetable glycerine leaves my skin feeling tight, soft, and smooth!

Vegetable glycerin is an outstanding moisturizer and skin cleanser that I have been loving lately. It has softening and lubricating benefits, and it is a natural humectant, so does a great job of retaining your skin’s moisture year-round (but we especially need it in cold winter months!) You want to find one that is Non-GMO verified and derived from plant oils such as coconut and grapeseed oils. Non-vegetable varieties can be derived from petroleum (yuck!), so do your research. I love the one pictured above!


When making this you have to work fast. I heat water up in my tea kettle, have all my supplies out and ready. If you are using EOs you add that last.

What you need:

  • a clean washcloth, warmed for your face to open pores
  • grass-fed gelatin, such as Great Lakes (FYI I like Zint’s collagen but their gelatin doesn’t gel as good as Great Lakes)
  • a liquid skin oil such as rosehip, jojoba, or avocado oil
  • vegetable glycerine (optional, I have been making this mask weekly for 2 years so if you don’t have this yet, you can add more liquid skin oil in its place .. this makes it peel better and also makes your skin SO soft)

My skin feels super tight and really soft after using this mask! Before adding the vegetable glycerine I had to take it off with a wash cloth since peeling was really intense. It peels a bit easier now, but just do what works for you! Be careful not to get it on your eyebrows or near your hair-line, if you do by accident, use a hot towel to remove it, definitely don’t peel off hair!


Gelatin Face Mask Recipe

  • 1 Tablespoon really hot water
    1/2 Tablespoon unflavored grass-fed gelatin (I use Great Lakes)
  • 1/2 teaspoon jojoba, argan, or avocado oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerine (if you don’t have this add 1/2 tsp more jojoba or liquid oil of choice)
  • 5 drops skin essential oils, optional (I love a combo of lavender and frankincense, or elemi and patchouli, more on combos below)


Heat water in a tea kettle or saucepan. In the meantime, add gelatin to a bowl and get other ingredients measured and read in a separate bowl. Once water is very hot (in my tea kettle it is right as it starts to steam and whistle), add water to the oils and quickly add the gelatin last, evenly and stir.Adding gelatin last will minimize it getting clumpy, you want it to be smooth and even. Have your hot towel ready, place over face to open pores then evenly place gelatin mask on your face with your fingertips. Allow it to set until hard about 10 minutes or so. I often place cucumber slices on my eyes when I use this mask, put my headphones on with a guided meditation or ocean water music on spotify, and my favorite oils in my diffuser and I feel like I am in a spa! You can peel it off or use a warm washcloth to take it off.

I will use an astringent of plain witch hazel after then apply my homemade face serum! You can massage argan or jojoba oil on after, adding Frankincense or Patchoili for added benefits.


My favorite essential oil combos for this recipe:

  • 3 drops Frankincense & 2 drops Lavender
  • 3 drops Elemi & 2 drops Patchouli (Elemi is the “poor man’s Frankincense” for the skin benefits! If you have either/or you can interchange them in the combos listed)
  • 2 drops Orange & 2 drops Ylang Ylang, 1 drop Elemi (orange is photosensitive, so do not do this if you are going to be in the sun shortly after)
  • 2 drops Geranium, 2 drops Elemi, 1 drop Orange
  • 2 drops Elemi, 2 drops Patchouli, 1 drop Orange
  • 2 drops Clary Sage, 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Elemi or Frankincense

You can also just do like 5 drops Frankincense, Elemi, Patchouli or straight lavender if you like! This is just what I use, play around and find what works for you! I only use Young Living after about 2 years of searching and learning about different companies. I would not recommend ordering anything off Amazon, and definitely don’t go to the grocery store for EOs. I recommend doing your own research, and I am always here if you have questions!

Ylang Ylang: this EO has an uplifting scent and supports a healthy “glow” in the skin.

Lavender: this EO is like the “swiss army knife” of essential oils. It has a lovely, calming scent and supports youthful looking skin.

Geranium: this EO is one of my favorites, it makes my skin feel so soft, and the smell triggers happy vibes for me personally!

Frankincense: I could write a book about this EO. But I won’t. This one dates back to biblical times and was once as coveted as gold! Frank has so many wonderful skin benefits, I always feel so glowy and youthful when I add a few drops to my routine. Fun fact: Cleopatra used Frankincense as part of her “spa” routine!

Patchouli: This is often referred to as the “hippie” oil. I am pretty obsessed with it, but it wasn’t always like that. When I first purchased it I did not love it at all. Now I practically bathe in it! Patchouli is GREAT for skin!gelatin face mask

Elemi: As mentioned above, this is the “poor man’s Frankincense” since it is a lot cheaper, but has similar skin benefits (it’s actually is a cousin to myrrh and frankincense). Frankincense came in my starter kit, but it is super expensive on its own, so I bought this for a lot of my skin DIY projects about a year ago, and still have a lot left in the bottle! It supports youthful skin and a healthy skin tone!

Orange: this EO supports the production of collagen and may help support the appearance of even skin tone. If you spent a lot of time in the sun during your lifetime, this oil is one of the best to help you makeup for the damage it caused in addition to a healthy skin-care regimen.

My intention on starting my blog up again was to post some of the recipes and things we talk about in the private forums so members don’t have to search around on faceboook for recipes, it will save us all some time for sure. If you aren’t currently using EOs and are curious about them, I have a whole page that talks about the oil company we use, the story about how they helped my family, and a link to a PDF with information and the most cost-effective way to get started with high-quality essential oils!

Again, you can skip EOs in many of these recipes, they just add benefits but aren’t always necessary. I would NOT go out and buy cheap oils filled with pesticides and who-knows-what … I’d rather you just leave them out and wait until you are ready like I did for SO long! That story is for another blog post though 😉


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