Bellefit Postpartum Belly Binding Review

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I am bummed that I haven’t had much time to update here. Life has been happening, all good stuff! Jaxon is doing wonderfully. We have gotten the hang of  having two little angels to take care of. It’s definitely hectic but so much fun. Ella is amazing, she grows up more and more each day and we are taking in every moment because it goes by so fast!

I will check back in later and give a life and fitness update (I also have a new recipe I want to share before the holidays!) because today I have a fantastic review and giveaway again!

If you followed along while I was pregnant I spoke about my interest in doing belly binding postpartum. I kept in pretty great shape during my last pregnancy and I had read that the exercise I was doing may have made me more susceptible to diastasis recti. I was trying to be careful, but the exercise I was doing involved a lot of core engagement. You would think that would be great, but not always the case. (I am trying to find the study I saw citing this, will have to update this post later when I do!)

Aside from help with preventing ab separation I was interested in belly binding to help me feel more put together after birth. I remember feeling so exposed after Ella was born, insecure, and it was affecting my posture and state of mind. My back was killing me from holding a baby hours on end, and I had time with core engagement … and now I was going to have two to carry around. I thought it would help give me support.

Where can I even begin.

It has taken me a while to write this post because there is so much I want to say (and so little time to type it ha!)  I was fortunate enough to have Bellefit send me their bunds package of the postpartum corset and zipper girdles. I was really nervous about the sizing because I was pregnant when I ordered them. They have an incredible sizing system that was ON POINT!


^Bellefit zipper corset (photo credit


(Bellefit corset girdle)

I had a really great experience with this company. I started using this when I got home from the hospital. My only reservation was wearing the crotch closure after a vaginal birth. It was a little uncomfortable that first week so I just left it unhooked and pulled the sides down on my hips.  After that it was fine and I even went for walks wearing it and did some other forms of exercise around the house!

The bundle package was great. Even though they sized me in the same size for both girdles (I was initially thinking/hoping they would send one in a size bigger for right after birth) it worked out great. I started with the side zipper corset. The sizing was perfect. There are two eye hook latch sizes and I started with the wider one and was able to make it tighter as time went on. After week one I moved into the corset on the widest part first (it had 3 levels of hooks), and after about a week I moved to the tightest level. I would hand wash one while I wore the other. It worked out great! I wore these night and day because they felt really good to wear!

I went on tons of message boards and even asked you all here about your experience with postpartum girdles before deciding to try one. I am so grateful I found Bellefit and that they wanted to work with me because all of the great things I read were true!


I feel weird about posting these photos but one of the great benefits of this product is how it reduces swelling and water retention. I saw the most results from day 3 to day 10. Pretty crazy how weird the belly looks a few days after birth…that flat front where the baby’s bum used to be 😉 It is recommended that you wear these as soon as you can after coming back from the hospital with doctor’s approval, and then day and night for 30 days.


The product itself was made of very durable material. Extremely well made and worked great as your size shrunk. I felt a lot of support. I didn’t experience back pain like I did after the delivery of my first child, and was better able to engage my abdominal muscles this time around. I would HIGLY recommend Bellefit to any pregnant mamas that asked about it!

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