Age Is Just a Number {Guest Post}

The following is a guest post by the owner of Sol Yoga Studio and my Wellness Program business partner, Angela Travaglini

The inspiration behind this blog came when I showed the picture of me in the blue shirt to a friend recently and their reaction was what follows:

“Man Ang, you look like a fat college kid in that picture!”

The truth is five years ago that comment would have been very hurtful to me. But instead I giggled and said, “My gosh, you are so right!” The crazy thing is, that picture is not taken from college when I went to Millersville University from 1994-1998. The picture is taken FIVE years ago in December of 2010! I was 34 at the time.

I had to post this because I can’t believe how different I look now! One of the things that drives me crazy is when people say “Oh, it sucks getting older.” or “It is really hard to stay in shape when you get older. You wait Ang, you’ll see!” The reality of it is that I think we get better as we age. Age is just a number, really. And it has to do with mindset too, right? We can think growing older sucks and fight it or we can embrace it and thank the universe for each day. We get smarter as we age, we (hopefully) have learned from past mistakes. We are willing to try new things and see what works. If we have the drive and the motivation, we can make changes daily in our lives too.

At the time when the picture was taken in 2010, the studio wasn’t open yet. I was probably practicing yoga two times a week at the most. I was riding my bike and lifting weights in addition to practicing. More importantly, I know my diet was really bad. I know carbs were a part of my daily routine. Bread, rice, cereal, pasta and sugars were foods I consumed daily in some form. At that time I lived by myself and a typical dinner would be a bowl of cereal. It was Special K or one of those “healthier” cereals. My diet was very different than it is now thanks to Flowtox. I grew up in an Italian family so pasta was on the menu at least once or twice a week. There was also a time in my life when every day driving to work I would stop at Wawa and get a “fat free” french vanilla cappuccino and a soft pretzel and seriously thought that was “healthy.”

I used to keep mini-Reese’s in the fridge and grab two after dinner. I also loved Gobstoppers. There was always a bowl sitting on the counter and every time I walked by it I put three in my mouth. Over the course of a day, after looking back, I realized that I may have been eating like 30-40 a day! So much sugar!

Moving forward from those days, the studio opened in 2011. I was practicing yoga a lot more, probably 4-5 times a week. My days of going to the gym were over as I craved being on my mat more and more. And then Flowtox was born!

I started changing my eating habits. I started eliminating the carbs and sugars.  If I want pasta now, I make zucchini noodles with my spiralizer. Instead of a bagel toasted with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter for breakfast (YUCK!), I grab two hard boiled eggs. Instead of running to Dunkin’ Donuts on my way to work, I can now enjoy organic fair trade coffee brewed at home with my grass-fed heavy cream by Natural by Nature that I absolutely love and enjoy every morning. I can enjoy an omelette and not have a side of toast with it. (That may have been the hardest habit to break for me at the time).

I know in the pictures my hair looks different. It is lighter and shorter but if you look closely at the image on the left, my face is puffier, my arms are even puffy and my chest looks bigger! I look at it and I see puffy. I see carbs. I see unhealthy and unhappy. My face has a red tint to it. I am in shock that that was me five years ago.

I debated whether I should post this or not because I am not obese or anything like that. I ran it by a couple of friends and they agreed that I should definitely post it because people can relate to it. Another thing is I have no idea how much I weighed in this picture. I have an idea about what I weight now, but I definitely don’t weigh myself on a regular basis because really it is not about that. The reality of it is, it is probably a 10-pound difference between the two pictures which isn’t that much but clearly it’s obvious how much I have changed for the better when you see the two pictures side-by-side. In the picture on the right, my face is thinner, my arms look more toned and I just have a leaner look to me. And I am so much happier, my smile is even brighter, as you can see! I know when I changed my diet, this is what happened.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 3.18.51 PM

I will be 40 this January and I feel better than I have in my entire life. I feel amazing inside and out! I am stronger than I have ever been and I am way more confident in my own skin. I feel good about the way I look but, I gotta tell ya, it is hard work! You put in the effort and you will get the results. I promise. If it scares you to even think about giving up sugars and processed foods for 30 days, try our 10-Day sugar-free program. I hope to inspire others to do so by sharing my story as I know it has changed my life in every way for the better.

If you are struggling with how you look or feel
If you are sluggish and have low energy most of the day
If you have some pounds to shed
If you can’t get rid of the baby weight
If you want to make a change for the better and don’t know where to start …

What do you have to lose? I highly recommend it! Our program is not a diet. It’s not a cleanse. It’s not a quick fix … It’s a lifestyle.

Angela Travaglini
Co-founder of Flowtox
Owner of Sol Yoga Studio

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