10-Day Flowtox


 Ditch The Sugar Cravings, Today!

Our program will encourage you to hit the reset button and help you and your family make healthier choices that you can take with you for the rest of your life! We don’t focus on what you can’t eat, our focus is on what you can eat! Being grateful for a whole new world of nourishing food!


10-Day Sugar Detox

Start your 10-Day Nutritional Reset with Laury & Ang as well as our community members helping you along the way! Includes daily emails, your meal planning calendar, our recipe book, a few mindful meditations,  and access to our private online community to keep you on track.




Our 10-Day Program Includes:

  • An amazing community! This includes unlimited information from our coaches and moderators via our private and very supportive Facebook forum.
  • Our recipe book and meal-plan calendar loaded with delicious “Flowtox Approved” recipes.
  • FREE guided meditations.
  • An informative daily newsletter for the duration of the program.
  • Shopping guides & grocery tips.
  • List of foods to avoid and foods to add for optimal health.
  • Delicious recipes, meal ideas, & quick, easy food preparation tips when you join our private facebook forum!
  • An education on real food that will maximize your health, and how to incorporate them into your diet!
  • The tools you need to ditch sugar cravings for good! We will give you a breakdown of all the names sugar goes by, a list of all the artificial sweeteners on the market; why they may be worse for you; and the shocking truth about “natural” sweeteners such as stevia and agave nectar.
  • How to avoid genetically modified foods, what they are, and how they are harming your health.
  • Scary ingredients in our food, and how to learn to avoid them!
  • What fats are best to cook with; what oils become toxic when heated; and what traditional foods you should be eating that have been demonized for years.
  • How to properly prepare foods to maximize healthy digestion.
  • Meal options with simple modifications for most individuals with specific dietary needs.
  • Invaluable information that will help you to make healthier and more mindful choices for you and your family every day!
  • Many people know that sugar is bad and vegetables are healthy, but why can’t we all stick to consistent healthy eating? We talk about this and obtaining the results you need to live a healthy lifestyle using mindfulness tactics! Flowtox is NOT a quick fix!